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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Staci[2] is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom series. She is an anthropomorphic bandicoot and the younger twin sister of Perci.[3]


Identical to her twin sister, Staci is a tall and slender anthropomorphic bandicoot the same height as Sonic. She has lavender fur, a short pale peach muzzle, light blue eyes, a thin tail, a black snout, and possesses long hair that resembles Sonic’s quills with violet tips and a few large bangs on her forehead. Her attire consists of a red scarf around the back of her head, a purple, midriff-baring hoodie with the sleeves ripped off over a white tank top which also exposes her midriff, brown and fingerless gloves, brown straps around her upper arms, amethyst jeans, and large tan boots with fluffy white cuffs and strings for bands. She also carries a brown toolbelt around her waist with a wrench holstered on it.


TV Series

Season one

Staci with Perci and Knuckles.

During Knuckles' time of fame as "Trash Can Head Guy," Staci took an interest in the echidna celebrity and accompanied him on his walks alongside her sister Perci.[4]

Season two

While in the Village Center, Staci and Perci took an interest in a mech suit-wearing Sonic when he flirted with them.[5] Staci later joined Knuckles at the beach, but left the echidna in disgust when it seemed like he had fleas.[6] Upon seeing the Lightning Bowler Society victorious at bowling against the Pin Dashers, Staci went crazy for the Chameleon. Catching his interest, the two began dating. Eventually, she convinced him at dinner that his friends were holding him back, and that he should go solo. Staci would afterward back the Chameleon up as he carried his decision out. When he decided to go back to the society though, she left him.[7]

Staci spreading the news on Eggman.

Having overheard Dr. Eggman mention that he was not a real doctor, Staci would spread the word to the entire Village, starting with her sister. Now seeing Eggman as a joke, Staci joined the villagers in mocking Eggman during the scientist's next trip to the Village, although Eggman later got a real doctorate.[8] Staci soon after saw Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles walk by while taking care of baby Chumley, and was moved by the sweet sight.[9] Getting into Scrambler after that, Staci was able to attend an exclusive promotional event through it.[10]


Somewhat archaic, Staci has a preference for manly and macho men.[6] While possessing a feminine demeanor, she has a self-centered and independent mindset, believing that teammates can only hold a successful individual back. Like her sister, Staci is also confident and not afraid to speak her mind. She can also be manipulative, having convinced her love interest, the Chameleon, to leave the Lightning Bowler Society so he could go solo, only to leave him when he returned to his friends.[7] She is also shown to be very fond of spreading gossip.[8]



Staci was once romantically involved with the Chameleon. His self-proclaimed "biggest fan" after he became a bowling celebrity, Staci began dating the Chameleon after catching his interest with her fangirling. Although Staci had genuine feelings for the Chameleon, she also wanted him to become a solo celebrity, prompting her to manipulate him into leaving his friends. Once the Chameleon chose to abandon his career and return to his friends though, Staci became severely disappointed in him and broke up with him.[7]


Staci seem to be close friends with her twin Perci, as they are often seen hanging out together.[4][5] They also enjoy sharing gossip.[8]


  • Writers Alan Denton and Greg Hahn for the Sonic Boom television series once had a running joke that Staci was actually a triplet.[11]
  • So far, the only way to tell her and Perci apart is through voice.


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