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The Squeeze Tag Machine[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It was modified Flying Egg utilized by Dr. Ivo Robotnik for an attack on Sonic's Secret Underground Base.



The Squeeze Tag Machine is a heavily armored, egg-shaped Flying Egg with two powerful arms on the sides, a windshield, and a spiked canopy. The top of the vehicle is red and the bottom is black.

Features and traits

The Squeeze Tag Machine is capable of levitation and its arms are powerful, capable of punching through rock and crushing enemies. It is also protected by a spiked canopy to prevent attacks from above. Entirely "Spin Attack proof", the Squeeze Tag Machine is very durable, withstanding attacks from Sonic and a shower of boulders.[1][2]


Big Arm in STC

Robotnik in his vehicle, from Sonic the Comic #37. Art by Richard Elson.

After discovering the location of the Freedom Fighters' secret base, Robotnik armed himself with the Squeeze Tag Machine and led an army of Badniks there to destroy it and wipe out Sonic's resistance. Digging into the base in the base in the Squeeze Tag Machine, Robotnik fought Sonic and Johnny Lightfoot with his vehicle. However, all of Sonic's attempts to destroy the Squeeze Tag Machine proved futile.[1] It was first when Knuckles the Echidna came and punched the vehicle's canopy off that Sonic was able to cut Robotnik out of the Squeeze Tag Machine with a Spin Attack.[2]

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