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Squall is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. A resident of the Special Zone, he is a member of the villainous Fundamental Four.


Squall appears to be made of air or smoke, and has bat-like ears and snout, as well as clawed hands.


Along with the rest of the Fundamental Four, Squall spent four years in prison due to the Chaotix Crew. He and his team eventually escaped and launched a revenge attack on the Chaotix at their Satellite Base. During the battle, Squall stepped in and refocused their efforts when Hydran and Flare started bickering. Defeating the Chaotix, with Squall and Flare taking down Espio, the Fundamental Four put the three present Chaotix members in a machine to liquidize them.[1]

Potamental Four

The Fundamental Four as a pot, from Sonic the Comic #81. Art by Nigel Dobbyn and Steve White.

Before the villains could execute the Chaotix, Charmy entered with several worker bees from the Hive. After the bees managed to mix Hydran and Gravel together by using their powers against them, Gravel was shoveled into the mix. As the bees then added Flare to the villain-mix, the Fundamental Four were fashioned into a pot, trapping them. Nonetheless, Squall's consciousness survived, unhappy about his situation.[2]


While Squall seems somewhat scornful of Gravel's unintelligible humor, he remains level-headed and focused on the tasks at hand, having been the one on his team who broke up an argument between Hydran and Flare to make them re-focus their attention on the Chaotix.

Powers and abilities

Being made entirely of air, Squall can make whirlwinds with his body.[1]


  • Squall's name refers to a sudden and violent gust of wind, a reference to the element that he embodies.
  • Out of the Fundamental Four which represent the classical elements of Ancient Greece, Squall represents air.
  • When speaking, Squall's speech bubbles always had groups of black spots on their frames.


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