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Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series)
The Doomsday Project (transcript)

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This is the transcript for the Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Spyhog".

[Scene: Robotropolis, night.]

[In the factory where the fuel tankers for Project Doomsday are being worked on, Uncle Chuck is working on one of the tankers, when he spots the Tech-bots on the landing above pass by, leaving their control room unattended. Checking to see if it is clear, he turns off the automated welder he was using and sneaks off to gather more intel for the Freedom Fighters. However, after he leaves his post, Snively is coming down the aisle checking the tankers, flanked on either side by a SWAT-bot, when he notices Uncle Chuck making his way across the upper corridor.]
Snively: [suspiciously] Hmm...
[In the control room, Uncle Chuck begins downloading the schematics for the tankers, transferring them to a disk he stores in the slot in his robotic body's chest. However, before he can collect the tankers' schedule, he is interrupted by Snively.]
Snively: You there! What are you doing in here?!
Uncle Chuck: Circuit breaker tripped, Sir. Reset.
[Uncle Chuck leaves the control room, but Snively is still suspicious.]
Snively: Hmm...

[Scene Change: Robotropolis, night.]

[Sonic is making his way through Robotropolis to see his uncle with a chili dog in hand.]
Sonic: Be cool, stomach. Here it comes!
[Sonic devours the chili dog, before the camera rotates to reveal him upside-down, having hitched a ride on a vehicle to get near his uncle's hideout in Robotropolis.]
Sonic: Time to blow this chili stand!
[Sonic deactivates the magnets on the underside of his shoes and roars off to his uncle's hideout.]
Sonic: Thanks for the ride, bud. Gotta run!

[Scene Change: Uncle Chuck's hideout, night.]

[Uncle Chuck is scanning the area for trouble, but as Sonic approaches, he turns off his periscope, and the red glow of his robotic eyes turns off as Sonic enters.]
Uncle Chuck: Sonic! Oh, this is a nice surprise.
Sonic: Double nice, Unc! Moi, and a chili dog!
[Uncle Chuck gasps in joy as seeing some organic food, brought to him by his own nephew.]
Uncle Chuck: Oh, why thank you, Sonic.
[Uncle Chuck munches down on the food, ending with a gulp and short burp.]
Uncle Chuck: Delicious!
Sonic: Cool. Anything up with the fuel tankers?
Uncle Chuck: Yeah, I just got the schematics.
[Uncle Chuck removes the disk from his chest slot and hands it to Sonic.]
Sonic: Way past, Unc! Sal's been waiting for this! Any word on the schedule?
Uncle Chuck: (shaking head) Not yet. It might take a while. Snively almost caught me today.
Sonic: Ya gotta bail, Unc. Come back to Knothole.
Uncle Chuck: No way, Sonic. My job here is still vital.
Sonic: Yeah, but it's getting mondo nasty.
[Uncle Chuck goes back to his periscope to check to see if it is safe for Sonic to escape back to the other Freedom Fighters as Sonic voices his concern. Sonic sticks the disk into his backpack.]
Uncle Chuck: It's the chance we have to take. It's clear. Better get that disk to Sally. I'll let you know when I get the tanker schedule.
Sonic: [hugs Uncle Chuck] Be careful, Unc.
Uncle Chuck: [pulls out a remote] I will.
[Uncle Chuck opens the door with the remote, and Sonic makes his getaway back to Knothole. After he leaves, the door closes again while Uncle Chuck goes back to his spy work.]

[Scene Change: Doomsday Project.]

[The Doomsday Project is still under construction.]
Robotnik: ...and all Doomsday engines will be ready for testing by midday tomorrow. Are you on schedule with the fuel tankers?
Snively: A tad ahead, Sir.
Robotnik: How much of a "tad", Snively?
Snively: Um, three minutes, Sir.
[Pan over to where Uncle Chuck' bug is transmitting the conversation back to his hideout.]

[Scene Change: Uncle Chuck's hideout, night.]

[Uncle Chuck is listening in very closely.]
Robotnik: Three whole minutes. Well, whatever would I do without you? When does the fuel depart?
Snively: Dawn tomorrow, Sir.
Uncle Chuck: [shocked] Huh?!
Robotnik: Excellent...

[Scene Change: Knothole Village, night.]

[Inside one of the houses, Sally is briefing Sonic, Bunnie, and Antoine on their plan to sabotage the fuel tankers as Sonic paces impatiently.]
Sally: ...So, once we're attached, we inject water into the pipes marked "Fuel Test". Any questions?
Antoine: Oui, oui. I am having ze question. [clears throat] You are being so too beautiful today, my princess.
Bunnie: That's not even a question, Antoine.
Sonic: Oh, get a grip, Ante...
[The sound of a dove cooing draws everyone's attention before what appears to be a robotic bird, swoops through the window, messing up Antoine's hair in its wake.]
Antoine: [yelps] My hair!
Sally: Come here, little dove...
[Sally collects a message attached to the robot dove's leg before releasing it to depart on its own while she looks over the message. Sonic walks over to join her in reading it.]
Sonic: What's up, Sal?
Sally: This is it, guys. The tanker convoy leaves at dawn, tomorrow.
[Her last words echo as the scene fades to the next one]

[Scene: Robotropolis, early morning.]

[The fuel tanker convoy is in transit. The tankers are well-protected by a convoy of Hover Units and Swat-bots escorting them. Sonic, watching from an alcove, soon makes his move and dashes up onto one of the tankers, immediately raising the alarm as two Swat-bots confront him as their sirens blare. One of them deploys a claw from the bottom of its craft to grab Sonic with.]
Swat-bot: Hedgehog Alert, All Units. Do Not Fire. Apprehend.
Sonic: What? There a problem here? Been a gas! Later, Swat-butts!
[Sonic takes off, and the lead Hover Unit and four Swat-bots take off in pursuit of him.]
Hover Unit: Hedgehog, Priority One. Hedgehog, Priority One.
[With Sonic having lured most of the escorts away, Sally, Bunnie, and Antoine make their move to sabotage the fuel in the tankers. Emerging from a manhole, they wait for one of the tankers to pass over them before Bunnie grabs one of the runners and swings herself up to attach to it with the magnetic vest she's wearing.]
Bunnie: Boy, this Magno-Vest sure makes me feel attractive.
[Antoine and Sally hook up nearby, but it is a little painful for Antoine.]
Antoine: Ouch-evous...
Sally: Antoine, quiet!
[Bunnie begins sabotaging the fuel, but one of the remaining Swat-bots with the convoy swoops down to investigate the noise from Antoine's groan. At that moment, a pair of wires disconnect from the battery cell on the back of Sally's vest, shorting it out.]
Sally: [gasps] Whoa!
Antoine: My princess!
[The Swat-bot moves up next to where Sally's feet are exposed under the tanker, but is looking away at the moment and doesn't see her. Antoine tries to pull her back up out of sight by her ammo belt, and not a moment too soon as the Swat-bot turns to look in their direction. Thanks to Antoine's quick thinking, Sally is able to use her free hand to reconnect the loose wires and repair her vest before they are discovered.]
Sally: [as she repairs her vest] Hold on, Antoine! Got it!
[Her vest repaired and power restored, she reattaches to the underside of the tanker. She sighs with relief at having dodged being seen.]
Sally: [salutes] Thanks, Antoine.
Antoine: I would gladly to sacrifice my life for you, my princess.

[Scene: Robotropolis command center]

[An alarm blares and Snively rushes to the monitors to see what is causing it, only to see Sonic on the screens, being pursued by the escorts from the convoy he lured away.]
Snively: Oh, dear! That miserable little hedgehog!
[He contacts Robotnik at the Project Doomsday site]
Robotnik: What is it, Snively?!
Snively: The hedgehog, Sir. Units are in pursuit.
Robotnik: What about the convoy?
Snively: Transmitting, Sir.

[Scene: Project Doomsday command center]

[Robotnik stands up in his chair as he sees the video feed of the fuel tanker convoy, only to notice several of the Swat-bot escorts are not with the tankers.]
Robotnik: Snively...Where are the other guards?!
[Snively appears on the monitor, sweating profusely.]
Snively: Pursuing the hedgehog, Sir.
Robotnik: You fool! It's a diversion! Recall the guards and stop the convoy!!
[Robotnik slams his fist on the console in frustration as he lets off an infuriated groan.]

[Scene: Robotopolis, early morning.]

[Sonic is still leading the one Hover Unit and four Swat-bots after him before Snively contacts them with their new orders from Robotnik.]
Snively: [over radio] Hold your fire! Return to stations!
[The Hover Unit screeches to a halt as the new orders are received, and all five immediately give up the pursuit and head back. Sonic stops when he notices the Swat-bots and Hover Unit leaving to return to the convoy.]
Sonic: Hey! What's up?! Am I the Priority Hedgehog or what?! [gasps as he realizes the truth] Sal!
[Sonic pulls a Power Ring out of his backpack, charges up, and heads back to the convoy ASAP, diving into a manhole to get there quicker to ambush the Swat-bots if they get back first. Back at the convoy, Sally, Bunnie, and Antoine are just finishing the sabotage of the fuel. Bunnie soon notices they are coming up on the manhole where they need to disengage and escape.]
Bunnie: [gasps] Coming up on our bolt hole, Sally girl!
Sally: Just one more, Bunnie.
[Suddenly, the tanker comes to an abrupt halt as Swat-bot sirens are heard.]
Sally: Uh-oh...
[The tanker the Freedom Fighters are under is surrounded on all sides by two Hover Units and half-a-dozen Swat-bots.]
Antoine: We are doom-ed! Oh, no, no! I am too very young and handsome to...
Bunnie: Button it, Antoine!
[During the next lines, Sonic emerges from a manhole further down and back into another one once he sees the others are in danger.]
Antoine: We are giving up!
Bunnie: We are not giving up without a fight, Antoine! Get used to it.
[They try to flee after detaching from the tanker, but are soon surrounded and throw their hands up in surrender as the Swat-bots surround them.]
Sally: Sonic!
[Sonic punches up through the manhole that was the escape route for the others, doing so with enough force to knock the Swat-bots over and stun them.]
Sonic: Just in bust time, guys!
Bunnie: Good ol' Sugarhog!
[The Freedom Fighters make their escape with Sonic the last down as the manhole cover clanks back down to prevent the Swat-bots from pursuing them back to Knothole.]

[Scene: Project Doomsday command center]

[Robotnik sits in his command center, fuming over what has just happened at the hands of Sonic and his friends.]
Robotnik: Four times in four weeks!! [pounds his fist after each "four"] How do they do it, Snively!? It's as though they know my every move...
Snively: Well, Sir, I...
[Robotnik cuts off the communication as the revelation dawns on him.]
Robotnik: We... have a spy... Hmm...

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