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"Spyhog" is the twenty-fifth episode of the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It first aired on 26 November 1994.








Inside one of the factories in Robotropolis, Uncle Chuck is waiting for the right moment to slip into the control room. While no one is watching, Chuck leaves his post and runs up the stairs. However, he is noticed by Snively, who is passing through the factory with some Swat-Bots, as he makes his way across the upper corridor. Once inside the control room, Chuck manages to hack into the computer and retrieve the plans for Dr. Robotnik's new Fuel Tankers. After downloading the plans into a floppy disk which he hides inside his robotic chest however, Chuck is discovered by Snively, who demands to know what he is doing. Playing the mindless Worker-Bot, Chuck says that a circuit breaker malfunctioned and that he is resetting it. Chuck then leaves, but Snively is still suspicious.

Some time later, Sonic is riding through Robotropolis on the underside of a Hover Unit with the aid of his sneakers' anti-gravity function. After gulping down a chili dog, Sonic detaches himself from the Hover Unit and thanks it for the ride before running towards Chuck's hideout. Upon arriving there, Sonic presents his uncle with a chili dog. Thanking Sonic, Chuck gulps down the chili dog before informing Sonic that he just got the schematics for the Fuel Tankers. Chuck proceeds to hand the floppy disk over to Sonic, who notes that Sally has been waiting for this. However, Charles informs Sonic that he has not gotten the transport schedule yet and that it might take a while to get them, especially since Snively almost caught him today. Sonic tries to convince his uncle to call it quits with his spying and return to Knothole Village, but Chuck refuses, saying that his work in Robotropolis is too important and that it is not over yet. After Sonic wishes Chuck good luck, Chuck opens the exit out of his hideout and Sonic takes his leave. Meanwhile, Dr. Robotnik is in the Doomsday Project's main tower, which is still under construction. Here, Robotnik wants the doomsday engines to be ready for testing by midday tomorrow, and asks for an update on where Snively stands with them. After Snively reports that he is ahead of schedule by a few minutes, Snively informs Robotnik that he will be sending the Fuel Tankers out around dawn tomorrow. Unbeknownst to Snively and Robotnik however, a mechanical bug is listening in on their conversation and sending what it hears back to Chuck in his hideout. Hearing that the Fuel Tankers are leaving so soon, Chuck becomes greatly distressed.

Back in Knothole, Sally explains to Bunnie and Antoine her latest plan of action in her hut. While going over her plan, Sally explains that they will be attaching themselves to the chassis of the transporters with magnets and then pour water into their fuel tanks. Once done, Sally asks the others if they have any questions. Raising his arm, Antoine begins to completment Sally's beauty, making Sonic and Bunnie feel embarrassed. Soon after, Dove comes flying into the hut with a message from Chuck. In that message, the heroes learn that the tanker convoy will leave at dawn tomorrow. The next day, in Robotropolis, the Fuel Tankers are being escorted through Robotropolis by flying Swat-Bots and a Hover Unit. Hiding behind a corner as the convoy approaches, Sonic eventually comes out of hiding and runs up on top of one of the Fuel Tankers. The Swat-Bots immediately detect him and proceed to try and capture him, but Sonic manages to run away, with most of the guards around the Fuel Tankers following him. Meanwhile, Sally, Bunnie and Antoine, who are all wearing magnets on their bodies, emerge from a manhole beneath the Fuel Tankers and use their magnets to cling onto the Fuel Tanker's bottom chassis. Bunnie then begins poring water into the Fuel Tanker. During this, however, Sally's magnet equipment malfunctions when a wire falls out. As such, Sally has no choice but to hold onto the Fuel Tankers, leaving her dangling for everyone to see. A flying Swat-Bot almost spots Sally, but Antoine manages to pull Sally out of sight. Sally then manages to plug the loose wire on her magnet equipment back in, allowing her to reattach herself to the Fuel Tanker. She also thanks Antoine for the help, who says that he would willingly sacrifice even his life for her. Meanwhile, back in Robotnik's headquarters, Snively is running up to the monitor and sees that Sonic is being pursued by the guards. He proceeds to contact Robotnik, showing him the recording of the Fuel Tanker convoy. Noticing that the guards have left their posts around the convoy, Robotnik tells Snively that Sonic is merely distracting the guards. Upon Robotnik's order, Snively tells the guards to return to the convoy immediately and defend the Fuel Tankers. Seeing the robots abandon their pursuit of him, Sonic feels disappointed, but then realizes that his friends are in danger. In response, Sonic pulls out a Power Ring and runs to the rescue, slipping into the sewers along the way. Meanwhile, Sally, Antoine and Bunnie continue to sabotage the Fuel Tankers, only for the Fuel Tankers to suddenly stop up. The heroes are then surrounded by Swat-Bots. Panicking, Antoine wants to give up, but Bunnie reminds him that they will never surrender without a fight. Fortunately, Sonic comes to their rescue by opening a manhole cover in front of his friends. Once Sally and co. manage to escape into the sewer, Sonic runs after them and closes the manhole behind them, leaving the Swat-Bots empty-handed. Back in the Doomsday Project's tower, Robotnik is furious because this is the fourth time in four weeks the Knothole Freedom Fighters have ruined his plans. Robotnik asks his nephew “How do they do it Snively?!” before noting that it is as if the Freedom Fighters know his every move. Before Snively can say anything Robotnik hangs up on him and concludes that they have a spy in his midst.

Later, at the Lake of Rings, Antoine brags about his heroic deed at the Fuel Tanker, but Sonic cannot bear to hear it. Immediately after, Sally comes in to thank Antoine for his courage and rescue. Antoine proceeds to kiss Sally's hand, and Sally returns the favor by kissing Antoine on the cheek. While Antoine is filled with lovey-dovey emotions, Sonic feels disgusted and looks away. Meanwhile, back in Robotnik's headquarters, Snively is playing around with Robotnik's chair until Robotnik arrives and tells him to keep quiet. Robotnik then puts a mask identical to the one he himself wears over Snively's mouth and tells him he can talk now as the device creates disturbances that prevents anyone from eavesdropping on them. Robotnik then explains to Snively that there is a spy in Robotropolis, and orders Snively to do an electronic sweep of the headquarters immediately. Obeying his uncle's orders, Snively goes to work right away. Robotnik then begins talking to himself about what he will do to this spy when he finds him, before crushing one of his devices with his hand.

At night in Rotor's workshop, Sally and Bunnie have been invited over by Rotor. After making the girls wait for a moment. Rotor presents them with a Hover Unit. Rotor explains that he managed to find one of them in the Great Swamp and that he has modified the engine so that it really moves. Rotor also shows Sally a mechanical postal pigeon, which he has not tested yet, which is why he needs Sally and Bunnie's help. In addition, Rotor shows Sally that he has acquired one of Robotnik's security transponders, which means that they can go anywhere in the Hover Unit. Meanwhile, in Robotropolis, one of Robotnik's Tech-Bots have found Chuck's mechanical eavesdropping bug in one of the air ducts. Snively asks Robotnik if he wants him to destroy the bug, but Robotnik decides to let the bug keep eavesdropping. However, he has the Tech-Bot damage the mechanical bug before putting it back into the air duct. Robotnik then explains to a confused Snively that the bug will malfunction, causing the spy to come out of hiding to replace his broken bug. Then they’ll have him.

Meanwhile, Sally and Bunnie are flying the Hover Unit towards the Doomsday Project's tower. Using the security transponder, they are able to access the construction site. Upon seeing the tower though, both Sally and Bunnie are filled with dread. At the same time in Robotropolis, one of the Tech-Bots is using a build-in camera and a satellite antenna to track the radio waves send by the spy to find him on Snively’s orders. Meanwhile, Sonic is in Chuck's hideout, trying to eavesdrop on Robotnik's headquarters using headphones. Unfortunately, all they are getting is static, making Chuck conclude that his eavesdropping bug has been damaged and thus has to be replaced. In order to find a new one, Chuck has him and Sonic go to Robotnik's warehouse which has the eavesdropping bug they need. Meanwhile, Sally and Bunnie have flown the Hover Unit to center of the Doomsday Project. Using the Hover Unit to physically interface with the center, Sally has Nicole download the Doomsday Project's plans. After they succeed, Bunnie wants them to get the heck out of here. Sally, however, wants to review the daily flies on Robotnik's operations and asks Nicole to break the code on the file marked as top secret. After Nicole is finished, Sally discovers, much to her horror, that Robotnik has discovered Chuck's eavesdropping bug. Back in Rotor's workshop, Antoine is again bragging about his abilities and says what he will do if Sally is in danger to Rotor’s annoyance. However, he is interrupted by Rotor's mechanical dove, who flies over his head and delivers a message to Rotor. After Rotor reads the message, he says that Robitnik has discovered Chuck’s undercover work and they must warn Chuck. Antoine, however, feeling confident, decides to undertake this task himself. He proceeds to find Dulcy, whom he boards, before having her take him to Robotropolis.

Later, in Robotropolis, Antoine comes out of Chuck's hideout, having been unable to find Chuck inside. As such, he tells Dulcy to go to the junk piles while he looks for Chuck. Dulcy, however, bluntly expresses doubts about Antoine's courage for this mission. Antoine, however, remains stubborn and sets off on his own to rescue Chuck. Meanwhile, Sonic runs up to two Swat-Bots, who are guarding the entrance to Robotnik's warehouse, and lures them away. Chuck then arrives and sneaks up to the opening into an air duct. Pulling off the grating, Chuck crawls into the air duct. About a moment later, Antoine arrives, who begins to doubt about whether or not he should enter the warehouse since he could get caught. He eventually decides to go inside because he does not want Sally to regard him as a coward. As soon as he steps into the opened air duct however, he again begins to fear that he will be caught and starts crawling back out. However, upon seeing flying Swat-Bots approach, Antoine quickly jumps into the air duct and puts the grille behind him back on in order to hide his presence. Antoine then begins crawling through the air duct until he spots Snively. Chuck then stumbles upon Antoine in the air duct, startling Antoine so much that he jumps out through the grating in the air duct and falls straight into Snively's room. At first startled by the sudden arrival, Snively quickly recomposes himself and sees Antoine, whom he believes to be the spy, and has his Swat-Bots take him.

Later, Snively is looking through the database in search of weaknesses that his captured "spy" may have. Upon finding what he has been looking for, Snively is pleased and decides to break Antoine like an egg. Antoine, meanwhile, has been chained to a seat in the interrogation room. There, Antoine says to himself that he must say nothing and have nerves of steel, but he quickly begins whimpering as soon as Snively comes in. Seeing Snively grab a frying from a nearby stove, Antoine begins to ask Snively about his intentions. Snively, however, simply replies that he is going to make crepes suzette. Upon seeing Snively get to work cooking however, Antoine tells him that he is using too much batter and that crepes suzettes are thin and delicate. Snively, however, tells Antoine that he is aware of that, but keeps adding batter anyway. Seeing this insult to fine cooking, Antoine begins to scream in despair. Meanwhile, Sonic runs up to Chuck in the air duct and learns from his uncle that Antoine has been caught. Sonic does not think it is a problem, but Chuck insists that it is, as Antoine will eventually talk. Hearing Antoine's screams, Sonic decides to do something about it. Meanwhile, Antoine is still resisting the "torture" and refuses to speak. As such, Snively decides to prepare escargot. A nervous Antoine replies, however, that escargot must be specially prepared. In response, Snively begins to show him snails and garlic, which calm Antoine somewhat. However, when Antoine learns that Snively will be using margarine instead of butter, he starts shouting and calling for help. Just as Antoine caves in and agrees to speak though, Sonic tells him to shut up. Appearing on the ceiling with the aid of his sneakers' anti-gravity function, Sonic un-sticks himself from the ceiling and lands in-between Antoine and Snively. While Sonic goes to work unlocking Antoine's restraints, Snively calls the Swat-Bots in for protection, who begin taking shots at Sonic. However, Sonic manages to release Antoine in time. Sonic then takes Antoine with him as he escapes the Swat-Bots through the air duct. All the while, Antoine orders Sonic to stop Snively's horrendous cooking.

Returning to Chuck's hideout, Antoine begins complaining about how escargot should be prepared until Sonic forces Antoine's mouth shut. Chuck then humorously remarks that Snively found Antoine's weak point. Sonic then tells Chuck that he will be taking Antoine to the junk heap before coming back to him. After Sonic leaves with a crying Antoine, Chuck chuckles before returning to his hideout and continuing eavesdropping on Robotnik. However, the Tech-Bot that Snively ordered to find the signal that matches the bug’s via an electronic sweep soon detects a match at Chuck's whereabouts. Not long after, flying Swat-Bots come into Chuck's hideout and arrest Chuck. Later, at the junk heaps, Dulcy is shown waiting behind a junk pile when she sees a Hover Unit land close by. Fortunately for Dulcy, it is the Hover Unit piloted by Sally and Bunnie, who emerge from the vehicle soon after landing. As Dulcy goes up to greet her friends, Sonic arrives with a crying Antoine a moment later. Sally asks what happened, but Sonic decides to postpone the explanation for later, as he has to go back to check on Chuck. He then hands Antoine over to Dulcy and tells her to take Antoine back to Knothole. While Antoine refuses to leave, Dulcy grabs him and stuffs him in her pouch before taking off, ignoring Antoine's desperate cries about escargot. Sally then tells Sonic that she intercepted Robotnik's message about the bug before asking Sonic about Chuck. Sonic remarks that Chuck is safe for now, but that he is pulling him out of both his spying and Robotropolis right now. As such, Sonic rushes back to Chuck's hideout. Meanwhile, Snively is kneeling before a holographic image of Robotnik's head, who promises Snively that he will pay for letting the spy escape. While Robotnik is ranting however, Snively shows him a constrained Chuck - the real spy. Standing his ground, Chuck proclaims to Robotnik that he does not intend to say anything to him. However, Robotnik replies that he will: all he has to do is plug him in.

Outside, Sonic arrives at Chuck's hideout, only to find it destroyed. Realizing that Robotnik has his uncle, Sonic decides to head to Robotnik's headquarters. Inside this building, Chuck is connected to special chair which Robotnik uses to treat Chuck to Worker-Bot mind control, causing Chuck to swear allegiance to Robotnik once more. Meanwhile, Sonic is pulling out a Power Ring, which he uses to boost his power. With his power enhanced, Sonic runs up the side of Robotnik's headquarters. Once on the roof, Sonic begins cutting through the roof with his Super Spin. At the same time, Robotnik begins to ask Chuck about the location in Knothole. In response, Chuck begins to resist Robotnik's command once more, but Robotnik make him subservient to him again with his mind control ray. Just as Chuck is about to reveal the location of Knothole, however, Sonic breaks into Robotnik's headquarters and pulls Chuck out of the chair, restoring Chuck's free mind once more. Robotnik promptly sends flying Swat-Bots after them, but Sonic manages to scatter them by creating an indoor tornado by running around in circles. While Snively is blown into the wall, Robotnik retreats down to the lower floor. Sonic and Chuck then escape Robotnik's headquarters by hitching a ride on Sally's Hover Unit that is waiting outside the headquarters. Meanwhile, Snively throws a tantrum.

After landing, Sonic wants Chuck to come back with them to Knothole, especially since his cover has been blown now. Chuck, however, has anticipated such an eventuality and reveals to Sonic, Sally and Bunnie that he has prepared a backup hideout. After introducing Sonic, Sally and Bunnie to his new "home", Chuck remarks that it needs a little redecorating, but that it will suffice. Sonic, however, reminds Chuck that he can no longer be seen in public since Robotnik knows his face. Chuck, however, remarks that he has prepared for that as well and disappears behind a metal door. A moment later, a Tech-Bot emerges from the door, scaring the heroes. It turns out, however, that the Tech-Bot is actually Chuck in disguise. Despite having seen his preparations though, Sonic and Sally nevertheless insists that Chuck comes with them to Knothole. Chuck, however, insists himself that they will be together when Robotnik has been defeated. Chuck then tells the heroes to return to Knothole. Seeing that Chuck was not going to change his mind, the heroes leave him to his work. Sally and Bunnie thus say goodbye to Chuck with a hug before Sonic does the same. Sadden, Sonic runs outside. Chuck then asks Sally and Bunnie to look after Sonic, which they promise. The heroes then fly away in their Hover Unit and Chuck bids them goodbye with a tear in his eye.



  • When Snively looks up Antoine's file, Antoine's eyes in his file picture are shown to be brown when his eyes are actually blue.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Czech Špeh Spy
French L'Espion The Spy
German Der Spion The Spy
Korean 간첩 고슴도치 Spy Hedgehog
Latin American El espía The Spy
Russian Ёжик Шпион Spy Hedgehog
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