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Sprites are creatures that appear in Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom. They are a race of magical beings[1] found on Earth. In gameplay, they serve as companions that can provide additional support.



The Sprites are spirit-like creatures that come in different colors. Shared traits include round bodies, somewhat big heads, no facial features except for large eyes, two arm-like appendages, ghostly tails, no legs, and wisps on their head. Some exhibit unique traits pertaining to certain elements, such as birds, flames and electricity.


Some Sprites age by evolving,[1] changing from infant to teen to adult instantly while assuming larger forms with more pronounced traits for each stage.

Powers and abilities

The Sprites are capable of levitation and possess magical traits.[1]


Sonic Dash 2 Sprites

A list with various Sprites.

In Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, Sprites serve as companions during runs. In gameplay, they bestow abilities to the playable characters such as lengthened duration of power-ups and dashes, increase the appearances of power-ups, improving Ring collection, etc. Alternatively, they can be sold for additional Rings.

Sprites come in various types and are obtained by completing certain events, unlocking prize packages, or by waiting eight hours for a Sprite Bottle to "open" and grant a free Sprite (six hours for players running a Boom Boost). Alternatively, a Sprite Bottle can be bought immediately for sixteen Red Star Rings or less depending on how much longer a player would otherwise have to wait. When receiving a Sprite, it will be of a random type.


Amy running with three Sprites by her side.

Sprites are divided into two categories: "One use" and "Forever." One use Sprites are only good for one run and will disappear at the end of it. "Higher tier" One use Sprites are as well larger than the cheaper ones. Forever Sprites on the other hand, can be used repeatedly and levelled up to increase their tier and obtain stronger effects. In some cases, the timed Sprite Bottles might award the player with a pre-levelled Forever Sprite whereas other prizes only offer level one Forever Sprites.

When utilizing Sprites during a run, they appear as orbs following the player character. To begin with, the player can only use one Sprite at a time; however, a second slot can be unlocked by paying eight Red Star Rings and a third by paying twenty-five Red Star Rings. The player also has limited storage for unequipped Sprites, although an extra row of Sprite storage (four slots in total) can be purchased for Red Star Rings, though the prize will increase each time. Gathering more Sprites than there is storage for sends the newest ones into the greyed out slots at the bottom of the storage area. They will move into the accessible storage area once there is room for them.

Leveling Forever Sprites

Forever Sprites can be levelled up by paying Rings and occasionally other Sprites, though the cost will increase for each level. The maximum level for a Forever Sprite is fifteen. Raising a Forever Sprite to level six adds 70XP to the player's Global Score Multiplier rank, and at level eleven it adds 100XP. At each of these levels, the Forever Sprites will also "evolve," making them grow larger in-game and altering their portraits.

Each level adds 10% to the total effectiveness of the Sprite's ability (e.g. Aegis has a 150% total effect at level 15, whose effect was 10% at level 1), except in the case of Volt, whose level increases give varying results.

Level Cost Total Ring Cost
1→2 250 Ring-Sonic-Generations 250
2→3 750 Ring-Sonic-Generations 1,000
3→4 1,500 Ring-Sonic-Generations 2,500
4→5 4,000 Ring-Sonic-Generations 6,500
5→6 2 Forever Sprites + 1 One use Sprite (negligible ring value) 6,500
6→7 7,000 Ring-Sonic-Generations 13,500
7→8 11,000 Ring-Sonic-Generations 24,500
8→9 15,000 Ring-Sonic-Generations 39,500
9→10 20,000 Ring-Sonic-Generations 59,500
10→11 2 lvl. 5 Forever Sprites + 1 One use Sprite (value of about 13,000 Ring-Sonic-Generations) 72,500
11→12 30,000 Ring-Sonic-Generations 102,500
12→13 45,000 Ring-Sonic-Generations 147,500
13→14 65,000 Ring-Sonic-Generations 212,500
14→15 90,000 Ring-Sonic-Generations 302,500

List of Sprites

One-use Sprites

Name Icon Ability Sell value
Sparkle SonicDash2ChristmasSprite Double damage when attacking Eggman 250
Flurry SonicDash2SnowflakeSprite Maximises the number of Powerups 250
Spark SonicDash2GreenSprite 1 Bonus Revive 150
Salt SonicDash2BlueSprite 2 Bonus Revives 600
Shelly SonicDash2DarkBlueSprite 3 Bonus Revives 2,100
Medley SonicDash2YellowSprite Combos last 1 second longer 100
Synth SonicDash2GreenSprite2 Combos last 2 seconds longer 500
Mingle SonicDash2CyanSprite2 Combos last 3 seconds longer 2,000
Perk SonicDash2OrangeYellowSprite2 Adds 50% to Global Score Multiplier 200
Gravy SonicDash2OrangeSprite Adds 75% to Global Score Multiplier 700
Maxi SonicDash2RedSprite Adds 100% to Global Score Multiplier 2,500
Banks SonicDash2BlueSprite with ring Banks 25% of dropped Rings 200
Stash SonicDash2CyanSprite with Two rings Banks 50% of dropped Rings 700
Magpie SonicDash2GreenSprite with Three rings Banks 75% of dropped Rings 2,500
Leaf SonicDash2MagentaSprite with Two rings Doubles all Rings Collected 150
Aurora SonicDash2PinkSprite with Four rings Triples all Rings Collected 600
Bounty SonicDash2PinkOrangeSprite with Six rings Quadruples all Rings Collected 2,100

Forever Sprites

Name Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Ability
Aegis SonicDash2OrangeSprite3 SonicDash2OrangeSprite4 SonicDash2OrangeSprite5 Shields last 10%-150% longer
Targa SonicDash2PurpleSprite SonicDash2PurpleSprite2 SonicDash2PurpleSprite3 Shields appear 60%-200% more often
Flux SonicDash2CyanSprite with Magnet SonicDash2CyanSprite with Magnet2 SonicDash2CyanSprite with Magnet3 Magnets last 10%-150% longer
Feric SonicDash2GreenSprite with Magnet SonicDash2GreenSprite with Magnet2 SonicDash2GreenSprite with Magnet3 Magnets appear 60%-200% more often
Amp SonicDash2RedSprite with X2 SonicDash2RedSprite with X2 2 SonicDash2RedSprite with X2 3 Score Doublers appear 60%-200% more often
Duplex SonicDash2GreenSprite with X2 SonicDash2GreenSprite with X2 2 SonicDash2GreenSprite with X2 3 Score Doublers last 10%-150% longer
Volt SonicDash2BlueSprite with yellow lightning SonicDash2BlueSprite with yellow lightning2 SonicDash2BlueSprite with yellow lightning3 Enerbeam lasts 15%-250% longer
Ion SonicDash2RedSprite with blue lightning SonicDash2RedSprite with blue lightning2 SonicDash2RedSprite with blue lightning3 Enerbeam appears 60%-200% more often
Serge SonicDash2OrangeSprite6 SonicDash2OrangeSprite7 SonicDash2OrangeSprite8 Dash Bar fills 10%-150% more quickly
Legs SonicDash2DarkBlueSprite2 SonicDash2DarkBlueSprite3 SonicDash2DarkBlueSprite4 Dash lasts 10%-150% longer


  • The Sprites bear a few similarities to the Chao from the main Sonic games. Both species have a charming design and evolve into new forms as they age. The Sprites also provide the player with special abilities like the Chao did in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.
  • Although not confirmed, the Sprites might be derived from the Chaos, creatures with a similar big-eyed and charming design, which were meant to appear in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric.


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