For the move in Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal, see Sprint (Sonic Boom).

Quotation1 Beat your opponent's best lap time! Quotation2
— In-game description, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Sprint is one of the events featured in the World Tour of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.



Beat in a Sprint against a ghost of AGES.

Sprint is an event which the player participates in alone. The player's goal is to beat the lap record set by another player. While circling around the lap, a ghost representing the player who hold the lap records will appear. If the player can complete the lap ahead of the ghost, it will mean that their lap time is better than the current record. At the beginning of an event, the player also receives a single Boost item, which they can use during the event to get a short burst of speed. To win, the player must finish the lap around the race track in less time than the ghost. Failing to do so has the event restart.

The player can choose the level of difficulty (C for Easy, B for Medium, A for Hard, and S for Expert). The higher the level, the more stars the player will receive for their victory (from 1 for Easy to 4 for Expert). Each Sprint mission is also varied with a specific character and different lap times per difficulty. Beating a Sprint mission then unlocks the character that was defeated in the mission.


Scorching Skies

Map icon Track Name Opponent Time
Scorch5 Carrier Zone Carrier Crisis NiGHTS
  • S: 00:58:032
  • A:
  • B:
  • C: 01:25:453
Scorch9 Seasonal Shrines Shrine Time Joe Musashi
  • S: 01:05:132
  • A: 1:11.717
  • B: 1:22.419
  • C: 01:37:389

Twilight Engine

Map icon Track Name Opponent Time
Twpudd Chilly Castle Hatcher Hustle Pudding
  • S: 00:56:682
  • A:
  • B:
  • C: 01:26:670

Superstar Showdown

Map icon Track Name Opponent Time
Star8 Burning Depths Ranger Rush AGES
  • S: 00:38:916
  • A:
  • B:
  • C: 01:44:465

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