The spotlight,[1] also called searchlight, is a gimmick that appears in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It is a light source used against Espio the Chameleon during his Challenge Act.


Spotlights are meter-tall red searchlights which can be attached to floors, walls and the ground by adjustable joints and are constantly shooting out a column of light.


The Spotlights are only encountered during the Espio: Master of Camouflage Challenge Act. In gameplay, they are used to reveal Espio while he is invisible. By using either the Homing Attack or the Spin Jump on the spotlights, their light columns will move around the area in an arch. If Espio is it hit by that light, he will become visible, thereby making him vulnerable to attacks, and temporarily immobilized. After a while though, even if the spotlights should constantly shine on him, Espio will recover and move away.

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  1. Sonic Team (4 November 2011). Sonic Generations. PlayStation 3. Sega. Area/Level: Espio: Master of Camouflage. "Omochao: Shine a spotlight on Espio while he's invisible to reveal his location!"

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