Splash Garden is a tennis court featured in Sega Superstars Tennis and is NiGHTS' signature court. It is located in a dream from NiGHTS into Dreams.


The court is set in a shallow pool of water located inside a tholos marble temple. The net poles of the court are horizontal water fountains, while the actual net is water flowing into the pool. Nightopians gather around the sides to observe the match.

The surroundings consist of islands with marble ruins and water fountains, as well as chips and rings that float through the air. Since the place is a dream, the sky shares a similar terrain with the ground. Fish also swim through the air, and bubbles float by. Ideya is also seen around the court.


Puyo Pop Fever

Puyos are stacked while the player serves the ball to pop them. Each puyo is worth 40 points. The game is over when either the timers or the bubble gauge are filled.

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