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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Your town is really invasion-prone, y'know that?
I'll have you know we were perfectly boring until you showed up, mister!

Sonic the Hedgehog and Tangle the Lemur, Sonic the Hedgehog #32

Spiral Hill Village[2] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is the hometown of Tangle the Lemur and Jewel the Beetle.


Spiral Hill Village is a relatively small, but quaint town. It is quite densely built and possesses both stone houses and a distinctive tower. As it name implies, it is situated on top of a tall, spiraling hill with rather steep sides. The only way up there is along a stone staircase/bridge that leads up alongside the hill. Despite its small size though, the village includes several residential houses, shops, businesses, and institutions.[3][4]



After the Eggman War ended, Badniks would come to Spiral Hill Village and commit raids. Some of the residents would stand up to the invading Badniks however, including Tangle the Lemur.[4]

Fallout and Big's Big Adventure

The remains of the Buzz Bomber battleship outside Spiral Hill Village, from Sonic the Hedgehog #4.

About a month after the end of the Eggman War, a horde consisting of various Badniks would attack Spiral Hill Village. Alongside the village's militia, Tangle the Lemur would help fight off the Badniks. During this time, Big the Cat wandered around the town looking for Froggy, noting that it was not safe to stay there. By the time Sonic the Hedgehog arrived, Badniks were being deployed from a Buzz Bomber-based battleship. Sonic and Tangle soon after teamed up to destroy the Badniks. Amidst the fighting, Blaze the Cat arrived in Spiral Hill Village from her dimension, and teamed up with Sonic and Tangle. Together, the trio stopped the invasion of Spiral Hill Village by destroying the Buzz Bomber battleship from which the Badniks invading the village was deployed from. After introductions, explanations and conversations had been made, Blaze decided to help Spiral Hill Village by quelling the fires around the village and asked Tangle to show her where she was needed. Tangle quickly agreed to it. As she took her leave, Blaze left Sonic to find for the ringleader behind the Badnik attacks. Bidding farewell to the girls, Sonic took a very brief breather before leaving Spiral Hill Village.[4][5]

Bonds of Friendship

Eventually, Tangle met her new friend Whisper the Wolf when the latter paid a visit to Spiral Hill Village. While showing Whisper around the village, the two of them paid a visit to Jewel the Beetle in the Mineral Museum. Soon after though, Whisper noticed that something was afoot in the village. Immediately after, the museum was attacked by the Babylon Rogues, who robbed the museum of its exhibits before fleeting back to their airship. However, Tangle, Whisper and Jewel managed to retrieve the exhibits and clean up the museum.[3]

Tangle & Whisper

While goofing around in Spiral Hill Village, Tangle ended up ramming into Ron's chili dog stand in spite of Jewel's attempts to stop her. Afterward, Tangle and Jewel sat down with some chili dogs in the Mineral Museum and talked about Tangle's recent restless behavior and how to remedy it. Soon though, the duo heard a crash from outside. While Jewel found cover, worrying that the Babylon Rogues had returned. Tangle checked the situation out, only to find Whisper locked in combat with Sonic.[6]

Whisper struggling with Tangle, from Sonic the Hedgehog: Tangle & Whisper #1.

Whisper tried several times to shoot the hedgehog but to no avail. Tangle soon stopped Sonic and the latter told her that Whisper was being mind controlled by Dr. Eggman through a chip in her mask scope. Tangle soon tackled Whisper and took off her mask scope, only for the wolf to reveal that she was not being mind controlled and the person she was shooting at was not actually Sonic. She showed Tangle a recording on her mask scope of "Sonic" revealing his true face and intentions.[6]

Later at the Mineral Museum, Whisper revealed that the person she was shooting at was actually a mercenary shapeshifter named Mimic, who had been impersonating Sonic and was potentially targeting Tangle among others. Tangle decided to join Whisper in her hunt for Mimic but was initially refused. After some convincing from her Wisps, Whisper reluctantly agreed to let Tangle come with her. Meanwhile, Mimic came by to the museum to leave a note for Whisper to tell her to come face him so that they could end their battle once and for all.[6]

The Last Minute and Untold Tales of the Metal Virus

Some time later, Jewel was in the Spiral Hill Village square when she was approached by the president of the Sonic Fan Club. He reported that his friends had gone missing after they were attacked by a strange ship dumping "weird gunk" at Spiral Hill farms. When the kid asked for Tangle's help, Jewel told him that she had gone off to help the Restoration deal with the Metal Virus situation. Despite this, Jewel offered her help instead and went with the young deer back to Spiral Hill farms to look for the other members of the club. Outside of Spiral Hill Village, Big continued to look for Froggy by fishing for him. He got a bite on his Fishing Rod, which turned out to be none other than Froggy. Overjoyed to be reunited with his friend, Big left the area with Froggy. Jewel and the club president quickly returned to Spiral Hill Village with the vice president after running away from Spiral Hill farms due to the Dr. Eggman's new battleship, the Faceship, arriving again and dumping more Metal Virus there. Despite this, the Faceship still appeared over the village where it distributed a batch of Metal Virus that began infecting villagers there. Jewel, who had already been infected during the earlier dilemma, saw this occur and put in a call to Tangle for help.[7][8][5][9]

Sonic looks back at Spiral Hill Village as Tangle becomes a Zombot, from Sonic the Hedgehog #24.

Several villagers ended up becoming Zombots, including Jewel and the two Sonic Fan Club members. When the Restoration arrived on the scene to help with evacuation, Tangle went to check on Jewel at the Mineral Museum. The Zombot Jewel managed to get the jump on Tangle and infected the lemur by touching her shoulder. Despite this, Tangle still managed to trap Jewel inside a glass case. Sonic soon arrived in Spiral Hill Village to help the Restoration with evacuation. He found Tangle in the museum and discovered that she was infected. Due to this, she offered to stay behind and act as a tripwire for the Zombots that would follow the survivors back to the Rescue Shuttle. Though the Restoration, especially Whisper, were upset to hear the news, they still departed Spiral Hill Village with the remaining uninfected villagers. As Tangle continued to fend off Zombots, she eventually succumbed to the Metal Virus, becoming a Zombot herself.[9][10]

Out of the Blue

Tangle and Jewel partying with their friends, from Sonic the Hedgehog #31.

After the Metal Virus was destroyed by Super Sonic and Super Silver, everyone infected was cured and returned to normal. Knowing that Sonic, who had vanished in the plague's aftermath, would have wanted his allies to celebrate, Tangle decided to host a party in Spiral Hill Village to which everyone was invited. At the party that night, Whisper firmly kept watch over the Babylon Rogues, as she was still bitter over their attempted raid on the Mineral Museum. Tangle, however, convinced the wolf to leave the Rogues be since they had helped ensure the Metal Virus' destruction, and she did not want another fight in her hometown so soon anyway. Just as the two were about to get some food for Whisper's Wisps, Dr. Eggman crashed the party in a large mecha that implemented E-123 Omega as its core, intent on destroying his enemies.[11][12]

As the group engaged Eggman, the Babylon Rogues secretly tried to rob the Mineral Museum again. However, Rouge the Bat had secretly stolen all the gems herself, intending to return them later. Part of the town was damaged and set on fire during the battle, but just as Eggman was gaining the upper hand, Sonic, who had been in Blaze's world the entire time, returned to his world, landing in the village square. The hedgehog quickly separated Omega from Eggman's mecha, which the vengeful robot then destroyed, forcing Eggman to retreat. After Sonic's friends happily welcomed him back, they set about putting out the fires still burning in the town. The inferno was extinguished by dawn the next morning, and as the sun rose, Sonic, relieved to be home and healthy again, ran off in search of new adventures.[13]

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