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The spinning drum[1] (重力シリンダー[2] Jūryoku Shirindā?, lit. "Gravity Cylinder") is a gimmick that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a high-tech device onboard the Space Colony ARK, with its own gravitational field, where they were once used as heavy equipment to transport the Space Colony ARK. After the ARK was abandoned however, they were left to rot in space.[2]



Spinning drums are cylinder-shaped spinning devices that appear to be made of glass and steel. They have green arrows running across it in the direction that the player is supposed to go. On the two ends of spinning drums, there are metal plates with the Project Shadow emblem on them.

Features and abilities

The spinning drums emit a green light and are capable of generating artificial gravity.[2] This enables them to attract all kinds of objects and creatures from far away and keep them from falling off of them.


  • Length: 10 m[2]
  • Diameter: 3 m[2]


In Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, spinning drums are only featured in Final Chase. In gameplay, they are capable of altering the direction of one’s gravity, pulling the playable character towards them and making it so that the player will end up standing on the surface of the spinning drum as though it was a normal surface. The player can then walk up and down on the cylinder until they reach the top or bottom. When standing still on the surface, the player will constantly spin around the spinning drum even. Spinning drums can be laid out either vertically or horizontally. Gameplay-wise, they are used for transition between areas.


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