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The Spin Kick (スピンキック Supin Kikku?) is a technique used by Shadow the Hedgehog in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). When using this technique, Shadow performs a spinning kick on the ground. Additionally, Shadow can follow it up with a combo of additional spinning kicks named Tornado.


A full view of Shadow's Spin Kick

When performing the Spin Kick, Shadow presses his left hand against the ground, whether or not he is moving or standing still, and holds himself and his entire body up. Shadow then sweeps his legs around in a 360 degree circle that resembles break-dancing somewhat, creating a vortex while his Hover shoes spew out small flames, damaging all nearby enemies. After performing the Spin Kick, Shadow can immediately follow it up with two additional Spin Kicks, called the Tornado. When performing this attack, Shadow sweeps his legs around in the same manner, but each sweep becomes stronger and wider, eventually forming a small tornado that sucks in nearby enemies and prevent projectiles from damaging him.[1]

To perform the Spin Kick in gameplay, the player must press Square/XboxX.png. This attack does little damage to enemies.[2] Then, to perform the additional Tornado combo, the player has to repeatedly press Square/XboxX.png which will damage enemies within a larger radius. This move is useful when surrounded by smaller enemies.[2]



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