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Spin Gear, as seen on the SEGA Republic website.

Spin Gear is a four-person roller coaster at SEGA Republic in the Dubai Mall.


Dr. Eggman is one step away from his maniacal quest for world domination. He's developed a prototype weapon for capturing his nemesis, Sonic the Hedgehog , and now all he needs are 'test subjects'. There's only one way to escape from this evil weapon, but is it possible to avoid getting 'zapped' in the process?! Twist out of control on the roller coaster that will have your head spinning! 


Spin Gear uses a number of twists and turns both on the track and the car to create a feeling of actually spinning on gears. It also uses visual and sound effects to create a rusty, dark atmosphere. Riders can watch an opening cinematic that shows Eggman speaking of his evil plot before boarding the ride.

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