Spin Coasters (スピンコースター Supin Kōsutā?) are gimmicks and variants of minecarts which appear in Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble. They are usually used by Moto Bug-looking enemies, but can be hijacked by the player and used for themselves.


Spin Coasters are circular-shaped, metallic vehicles with a yellow edge and two yellow wheels below their carrier. Usually, they are driven by Moto Bug-looking enemies


Spin Coasters are only found in Sunset Park Zone, where they move around with Moto Bug-looking enemies onboard. On their own, the Spin Coasters can only hurt the player by running into the playable characters.

The enemies riding the Spin Coasters can easily be defeated by Spin Jumping on them. With the enemy gone, the player can hop into the Spin Coaster and ride it around the Zone. To make the Spin Coaster move, the player has to keep Spin Dashing on them. The player can as well reverse the direction of the Spin Coaster by Spin Dashing in the opposite direction.

While riding the Spin Coaster, the player can easily smash through obstacles such as spikes. However, the player is unable to jump with it. The player will lose the Spin Coaster if the ground starts grumbling and exploding or if they simply collide with a wall.


  • If the player keeps going on when the Spin Coaster comes to the hall full of up-aiming red springs, the Spin Coaster will glitch if it touches one of the springs, as the player has to hop off the cart.