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The Spin Attack, also referred to as the Super Spin Attack,[1] Super-Sonic Spin Attack,[2] and Sonic Spin Attack,[3] is a technique that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is the signature technique of Sonic the Hedgehog which he has used extensively during his career. It consists of Sonic curling into a high-speed projectile.


At its most basic, the Spin Attack involves Sonic rolling into a concussive ball and using his quills to damage or tear through his targets. This technique usually takes the form of a literal "spin" jump, where Sonic leaps straight into the target. This attack is very powerful, hitting with the force of a cannonball.[1]

At other times, Sonic has modified the Spin Attack into a "Spin Dash" where he performs the Spin Attack in a stationary position, or a "Slow Roll" where he uses a Spin Attack along the ground while running at surprisingly high speeds.


Shortly after the incident that turned him blue, Sonic began working on the Spin Attack. He later got to test it out when the Badniks surfaced, where he used it to save Johnny Lightfoot from being turned into an organic battery.[3] From then on, the Spin Attack became Sonic's go-to move for combat.


  • Sometimes, when the artist just wants to draw a quick Spin Attack, the move will look very basic and omit details like Sonic's eyes and feet.
  • The Spin Attack was a favored technique of Richard Elson and he taught readers of Sonic the Comic how to draw the basic version in Sonic Holiday Special 1996.

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