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The Speed Type symbol, from Sonic Heroes.

The Speed Type[1] (スピードタイプ Supīdotaipu?), also formatted Speed-Type, is a character type used in the Sonic the Hedgehog series and is represented by the color blue. It was introduced along with the Power Type and Fly Type in Sonic Heroes. As its name implies, Speed Type characters are generally faster than those of other types.

Game appearances

Sonic Heroes

The Speed Type was first introduced in Sonic Heroes. Speed Type characters are the fastest in the team and have access to several abilities, such as the Homing Attack, Rocket Accel and Tornado Jump. Speed Types can access specific routes by performing several Homing Attacks against airborne enemies in succession and by using Tornado Jump to traverse Poles and activate propellers.

In Battle mode and boss battles against other teams, Speed Types have an advantage over Fly Types, but are weak against Power Types.

Sonic Advance 3

SA3 Speed Icon.png

The Speed Type returns in Sonic Advance 3. The Speed type can be gained by any creating any team involving Sonic the Hedgehog. The Speed Type allows the player to enter Boost Mode at a certain speed for a certain amount of time, when running past a dash panel or using Tag Action (when Sonic is the partner character).

Speed Type teams

Sonic Riders

In Sonic Riders, Speed Type characters are able to utilize Grind Rails for shortcuts and alternate paths that would be otherwise inaccessible.

Mario & Sonic series

In the Mario & Sonic series, the Speed Type is one of the four character types, alongside the Power, Skill/Technique, and All-Around Types. Speed characters are best suited for races and track events, as well as other speed-based events. Although unplayable, Big Bullet Bill appears as Speed Type rival character.

Sonic Runners series

In Sonic Runners and Sonic Runners Adventure, Speed Type characters are able to perform a Triple Jump. While all levels in the game can be played with any character, Windy Hill is better suited for Speed Types. Buddies, companions that the player can equip to characters, also have different ability types. Pairing Speed Type characters with Speed Type Buddies will enhance the effects of said Buddy.

Team Sonic Racing

In Team Sonic Racing, the Speed-Type appeared alongside the Power-Type and the debuting Technique-Type. In this game, the Speed-Type characters have the fastest top speed, well-balanced handling, and can expel a Radial Burst when performing a high-level drift boost. They are also the only ones that can obtain Red Wisps from Item Boxes. However, they have poor acceleration and defense.[2]

List of Speed Type characters

Non-Sonic Speed Type characters

Speed Type Buddies



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