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This group exists primarily within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

The Speed Team (or S-Team) is a group that appears in the Sonic X anime and its comics published by Archie Comics. It is a specialized unit of the Station Square Police Department comprised of Formula One drivers that is brought in when normal police methods of stopping speeders does not work, though they handle regular civil and law enforcement duties.



New World Saga

The Speed Team were assigned to catch Sonic when regular police forces were not able to. When the team finally caught up to Sonic in the midst of a highway, Sam Speed began conversing with the hedgehog mentioning about the last guy they caught was some criminal who thought he was faster than Sam before Sonic runs off as Sam's team give pursuit.[1]

The Speed Team caught up to Sonic, but Sonic was able to toy around with them without getting caught. Sam Speed has seen enough and overtakes Sonic with his cruiser's nitro engine but Sonic moves at super high speeds that exceeds Mach 1, leaving the Speed Team behind in his dust.[1]

Egg Moon Saga

When the Thorndyke Mansion got attacked by angry crowds, who were upset over how Sonic was destroying the Mirror Towers that provided them with lights during a never-ending eclipse, the Speed Team came and chased the crowds away, allowing Chris and his friends to make their escape.[2]

Archie Comics

The Speed Team were called to handle a robbery at the Twelfth National Bank of Station Square, Incorporated only for Sonic to have handled the situation by the time they arrived.[3] While the Speed Team were working on their cars, Sam unexpectedly received a fuel injector from a strange kid which could help his car exceed Sonic's speed and the team helped to install it. Just after they finished, the Speed Team were notified of an attack at Station Square Space Museum which Sam immediately took off, despite his teammates' warnings regarding his newly-modified vehicle.[4]

Sonic joins the Speed Team on patrol due to the former feeling bored. After helping to deal with illegal street racers, Sonic and the Speed Team would attend to an out-of-control alien spaceship back in Station Square.[5]

Sam would later rush to Station Square to aid an out-of-control empty trolley but Sonic also showed up. Not wanting to be beaten by Sonic again, Sam sped up despite Dawn's warning of pushing his car too hard and ended up crashing his car against a pile of garbage. Dawn and Paul quickly left to rendezvous with Sam, who was unhurt though he vented out his frustration on the car which Dawn scolded Sam off for this behavior, telling him to reflect back on what it was like when the S-Team worked together as a team before leaving with Paul. The remaining Speed Team members then headed for the Sapphire Sea Refinery to respond to an emergency only for Sam to arrive with a new car dealt with the fire, however, Eggman finally revealed himself transformed the car into a giant robot with Sam being imprisoned inside it while the robot attacked Sonic. Knuckles would later show up to come to Sonic's aid but the Speed 5000 proved too strong for both of them to overcome. Thinking about working together as a team, Sam communicated with Dawn and Paul to get in touch with Chuck Thorndyke who transmitted a negator signal to finally disable the Speed 5000, allowing Sonic and Knuckles to destroy the robot but leaving Sam unharmed. Sam apologized for his impulsive attitude and agreed to work better as a team.[6]  



  • Sam's Speed Team uniform has its red and white colors inverted compared to the uniform worn by other members, likely to signify his position as the Speed Team's leader.


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