Not to be confused with Slow-Down Shoes.

The Speed Down Boots (スピードダウンブーツ[1] Supīdo Daun Būtsu?), full name being Dr. Eggman's Deluxe Speed Down Boots (Dr.エッグマン特製・スピードダウンブーツ[1] Dr. Egguman tokusei supīdodaunbūtsu?), are objects that appear in Sonic Labyrinth. They are a pair of boots created by Dr. Robotnik that look like Sonic's Power Sneakers, but with the ability to take away Sonic's trademark speed.


In terms of design, the Speed Down Boots look nearly identical to Sonic's Power Sneakers, their only distinguishing feature being an image of Dr. Robotnik's face engraved/branded on the soles of the boots.

The Speed Down Boots served to take away Sonic's greatest weapon - his speed. While wearing the boots, Sonic is drained of his speed and ability to jump by making his feet too heavy for these feats. However, his Spin Dash move is unaffected.[2]


Sonic Labyrinth

In Sonic Labyrinth, frustrated at his constant defeats at the hands of Sonic, Dr. Robotnik realized that Sonic always used his speed to defeat him. As such, he invented the Speed Down Boots, which were designed to strip Sonic of his agility and speed. In addition, he had them fashioned from the power of the Chaos Emeralds in order to make them irremovable without the Chaos Emeralds' power. The scientist would then replace Sonic's Power Sneakers with the Speed Down Boots while Sonic's was asleep. When Sonic later awoke, he put the Speed Down Boots on as Robotnik had intended. Soon after, Sonic noticed that his feet felt heavier than normal, and noticed Eggman's face on the Speed Down Boots' soles. Soon after, Eggman gloated about his plan across South Island, inadvertently revealing how to remove the Speed Down Boots in the process.[2]

Even while wearing these Speed Down Boots, Sonic realized he could still use his Spin Dash, which was unaffected by the Speed Down Boots.[2] By relying on his Spin Dash, Sonic was able to brave Robtonik's Super Labyrinth where the mad scientist held the Chaos Emeralds. In no time at all, Sonic took the Chaos Emeralds back from Robotnik and had the Speed Down Boots removed.


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