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For Special Stages in general, see here.

Special Stages are a series of special levels that appear in Sonic Rush. With enough energy in the Tension Gauge, Sonic must jump and grab onto a Special Generator and boost until he is transported to the Special Stage. From there, Sonic can go through a half-pipe collecting Rings to move on through the Special Stage, similar to the Special Stages in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. At the end of each Special Stage is a Chaos Emerald for Sonic to collect in order to access the Exception stage.


Within the Special Stages, the player must use the stylus of the Nintendo DS in order to move Sonic, collecting Rings while avoiding obstacles and defeating the enemies. Touching Flappers and Battle Flappers with the stylus will cause Sonic to jump and perform a Homing Attack on the robots. The Trick Springs launch Sonic into the air where the player can then move the stylus to a series of numbers on the screen in ascending order in a short time limit. If successful, Sonic will earn bonus Rings.

Each Special Stage has two checkpoints, each containing a number of specific Rings for Sonic to collect in the stage. If Sonic collects the exact number or more of the rings by the end of the first segment, he moves on to the second segment of the Special Stage. The same thing goes for when he collects enough rings in the second segment, only he gets a Chaos Emerald at the end of each Special Stage if Sonic makes it through both segments.


Image Name Description
Ring The player must collect enough of them to progress the Special Stage.
5 Ring A floating orange hoop with the number 5 displayed on it which gives the player five Rings.
Dash Panel These boost Sonic ahead at a faster speed along a predetermined path. They're usually useful for avoiding iron balls, gathering Rings, or hitting Switches and Tricks Springs.
Trick Spring These launch Sonic into the air. Numbers will then appear on the screen, and the player will have to touch them or slide the stylus over them in numerical ascending order within a time limit displayed in the gauge below. In successfully doing so, the player is given a rating based on how quick the numbers were touched which determines the number of Rings they earn: Fantastic (15), Great (10), or Nice (5). Making a mistake or running out of time will make the numbers disappear and send Sonic back to the half-pipe.
Switch These are activated when Sonic runs over them, causing a trail of Rings to appear further in the stage.
Iron ball Blue spiked balls. Hitting one of them will result in the player losing ten Rings though they are briefly invulnerable when hit.
Flapper These red Badniks fly about in groups during portions of some Special Stages. If they hit the player, Sonic will lose Rings, but if they are tapped with the stylus, Sonic will jump and use the Homing Attack at them to destroy them, giving Sonic two Rings.
Battle Flapper Purple flying Badniks that home in on Sonic three times. These can be defeated in a similar manner to Egg Pawns, but require three taps with a stylus. However, if they are not defeated within a certain time, they will fly away. Upon defeat, they give Sonic ten Rings.

List of Special Stages

The Zone the player enters the Special Stage will determine which Stage they play and the color of the Chaos Emerald Sonic earns. Therefore, Sonic will continually go through the same Special Stage and earn the same colored Chaos Emerald if he enters a Special Stage through another Special Generator in the same Zone. Below is a list of Zones where Sonic can reach a specific Chaos Emerald.

No. Image Correlating Zone Rings required Chaos Emerald
First segment Second segment
1 SonicRushSpecialStage1.png Leaf Storm 100 200 Red
2 SonicRushSpecialStage2.png Water Palace 140 280 Blue
3 SonicRushSpecialStage3.png Mirage Road 150 300 Yellow
4 SonicRushSpecialStage4.png Night Carnival 160 320 Green
5 SonicRushSpecialStage5.png Huge Crisis 170 340 Gray
6 SonicRushSpecialStage6.png Altitude Limit 180 310 Turquoise
7 SonicRushSpecialStage7.png Dead Line 160 320 Purple

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