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Special Stages in Sonic Blast are a series of ten special levels that come in sets of two. Here, the playable character is running forward on a huge checkerboard arena with mountains in the background. To enter a Special Stage, the player must find the Giant Ring hidden in one of the two Acts of each Zone.

It should be noted that Act 2 Special Stages grant Chaos Emeralds as a reward for completing them, while Act 1 Special Stages grant 1ups.


When entering a Special Stage, Sonic/Knuckles begins walking down a path on the checkered ground. While walking down this path, the player's goal is to collect at least fifty Rings using Springs and Dash Panels while avoiding spikes. For the duration of each Special Stage, Sonic/Knuckles will be constantly moving forward. In return, the player can make Sonic/Knuckles move sideways with Controlpadds and jump with Game Gear I Button/Game Gear II Button. Eventually, when reaching the end of the Special Stage with fifty or more Rings in their possession, the player will be rewarded with a prize, which depends on which Act the Special Stage was entered in. If the player does not have at least fifty Rings when reaching the end of the Special Stage however, Dr. Robotnik will fly in at the end and take the prize away.

Special Stages found in Act 1 of a Zone feature checkerboard terrains with a green color scheme and reward a 1up upon completing them, while Special Stages found in Act 2 of a Zone feature checkerboard terrains with a red color scheme and reward one of the game's five Chaos Emeralds upon completing them. Both types of Special Stages have five different layouts. Collecting all five Chaos Emeralds will give the player access to hidden final boss of Sonic Blast after defeating the Silver Castle Zone boss.

After a Special Stage has been concluded, the playable character will be warped back to the last Marker in the Act that they have opened, or to the beginning of the Act if they have not opened a Marker.


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