The Special Spring (スペシャルバネ Supesharu Bane?) is a gimmick that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a special Spring variant used to access Special Stages.


The Special Springs are slightly larger than normal springs with a thicker blue and yellow base support that has bolts set around. The springboard itself is colored red with a blue center that may have a white five-point star on it.

Game appearances

Sonic Advance

Special Spring.png

Special Springs are first seen in Sonic Advance, where these objects are hidden around specific acts on each zones. There are seven Special Springs to locate in the game, which all of them lead to a particular Special Stage. If the player finds the Special Spring, he/she has to jump on it to get bounced to the space with snowboard, that the player additionally gets out of nowhere (all of playable characters have their own snowboards) and thus the player has entered the Special Stage.

If the player fails to complete the Special Stage, the player returns to the Special Spring they just used, which will not bounce you the second time to the Special Stage after this (although it works like normal yellow spring), unless the player loses a life or starts the beginning of the Zone. The player can find Special Springs from following zones and their acts:

Sonic Advance 3

Sonic next to a locked Special Spring.

Special Springs made another appearance in Sonic Advance 3, where they are found in each of the seven Zone Maps. Despite being slightly easier to find this time, the player cannot enter the game's Special Stages, as the Special Spring is locked. Like in Sonic Advance, each of Special Spring in their particular Zone Map can grant access to certain Special Stage.

To unlocked it, the player first has to find 10 Chao from the zone's three Acts and Zone Map. When the player has found all ten Chao, the player can collect the Special Key from each Act of the zone which makes the Special Spring usable and can bounce the player to the Special Stage. If the player fails in Special Stage, the player has to find another Special Key and try again.

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