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You may be looking for the Giant Ring in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles. For the red collectible rings, see Red Star Ring.

Special Rings (スペシャルリング Supesharu Ringu?), or SP Rings, are Rings that appear in Sonic Advance 2. When obtained, they allow the player to access the Special Stages of the game.


Special Rings are golden colored Rings with a yellow star in the middle. It has golden wings attached to its top. They are also constantly gleaming.


Sonic Advance 2's HUD. The seven round objects at the bottom represent the number of Special Rings in possession.

In gameplay, there are seven Special Rings in each act of the game. Each time the player collects a Special Ring, a small yellow icon appears at the top-left corner of the HUD. The player must collect all seven of these in order to access the Special Stage at the end of the Act. Should the player die, all of the Special Rings collected are lost. Coupled with the fact that the player must be aware of the Acts' layouts and must collect them in one go without dying, this can be a fairly difficult task.

If the player successfully collects all seven Special Rings and clear the Act, he/she will continue to run while the game tallies up the score and eventually be transported to the Special Stage.

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