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Not to be confused with S.

This is a special boost!

Omochao, Sonic Free Riders

The Special Item (スペシャルアイテム[1] Supesharu Aitemu?) is an Action Item that appears in Sonic Free Riders. When used, it temporarily grants its user unlimited Air and allows them to attack their opponents.


The Special Item's icon is a yellow S with a red outline and has a few four-pointed white sparkles decorated around the S.


The Special Item can be obtained randomly from the different Item Boxes on the race tracks, though they appear very rarely, and they can usually be obtained while the player is in one of the trailing race positions. Upon obtaining the item, the rider glows in a blue-white aura while their Air Gauge is filled to maximum capacity, turns white and constantly rumbles.

In this state, the rider has unlimited Air, allowing them to freely ride on and use Kick Dashes as many times as desired. In particular, if the rider performs a Kick Dash, they will be able to use a special attack. When this attack reaches other characters, they get hit, causing them to lose rings and suffer from other effects, depending on the character used.



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