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Sonic and Tails bounce around the screen and can defeat enemies. While bouncing, tap the screen repeatedly to increase your score.

— Description, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II

Special Combination[1] (スペシャルコンビネーション[2] Supesharukonbinēshon?) is an Item Box power-up that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II. When obtained, this power-up lets the player destroy all on-screen enemies.


Sonic4Episode2 Render SpecialCombination.png

Item Boxes that contain Special Combination display a black icon of Sonic and Tails' right hands holding firmly onto each other on their screen. Also, unlike in other cases with power-ups, the Item Boxes containing Special Combination are golden.


The Special Combination in progress.

In gameplay, Special Combination is a rare Item Box power-up that only appears in Oil Desert Zone Act 2 and 3, and Sky Fortress Zone Act 2. When picking up this Item Box's power-up, the screen will turn dark and Sonic and Tails (with the latter accompanying the former during a playthrough) will start bouncing around on the screen while using the Spin Attack, destroying any Badnik they collide with. During this, a button prompt will appear on the screen that instructs the player to press XboxA.png/Cross for five seconds to increase the Ring and point value of the attack. At the end of this combo attack, Sonic and Tails will come back together for a unified slam into the ground that destroys any remaining Badniks. Afterward, the player will be rewarded with a certain amount of Rings and points.


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