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The Special Badnik Service (frequently shortened to S.B.S. or SBS) was an elite group of Troopers that operated while Doctor Robotnik was dictator of Mobius. They possessed special abilities and were sent on important missions (for example, one SBS Trooper, possessing the ability to transform his arm into a cage, was sent to guard the Emerald Valley Bridge and protect a thruster for Robotnik's Death Egg II).[1]

Commander Brutus was originally a Trooper from the Special Badnik Service, before he was made Robotnik's second-in-command, and in this capacity he was fitted with an anti-gravity device.[2]

Some SBS Troopers had gold-coloured armour (like Brutus) instead of the usual red, such as the squad that attempted to disperse the protest in Sector Alpha 34,[3] although others were a more standard red colour. They were often built of super-strong materials,[4] such as the super-alloy Megatal.[5]

Since many members of the SBS were highly customised, they sometimes included experimental units in their ranks, such as the tank units that attacked Chaotix on their first arrival on Mobius.[6] Other experimental units, such as Predicto, may also have been intended as members of the SBS.[7]

Production background

The Special Badnik Service were based on the German SS (or Schutzstaffel), although writer Nigel Kitching said that he was never able to take this idea as far as he wanted to.[8]


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