Quotation1 Bonded character's attacks may cause instant KO against enemies. Quotation2
— Description, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Spartoi is a unique Chao in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.


It has the ability to grant a bonded character's normal attacks with the chance that it can KO enemies in one hit. It has two small horns, purple skin with blue extremities, a white stomach, pink wings, orange-yellow eyes and a dark yellow head-orb.


Level 1 5% chance Instant KO
Level 2 7.5% chance Instant KO
Level 3 10% chance Instant KO


  • The first part of its name is similar to the word "Spartan". Also the white colouring on its stomach is in the shape of a trident - a weapon that can be associated with the spartans.


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