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Sparcium[1] is a substance mentioned in the Sonic Boom television series. It is an elusive type of metal alloy used for construction.


Sparcium is a metal alloy suitable for constructing complex electronic components, such as microchips and AI processors. It is also very rare, making it highly valuable.[1]


TV series


Years ago, several Tomatopotamus 2 game cartridges, each containing a microchip made of Sparcium, were produced. However, when the Sparcium chips proved more valuable than their cartridges, nearly all existing copies of the game were recalled and melted down.[1]

Season two

In the present day, Sonic got his hands on a Tomatopotamus 2 cartridge with its original Sparcium microchip, while Eggman would make an Sparcium-based AI processor for FiendBot. When the benevolent FiendBot's AI processor got destroyed, Team Sonic used the Sparcium in Sonic's cartridge to replace it.[1]


  • Sparcium's name is a prortmanteau of the word "sparse" and the "-cium" suffix.


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