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In the frigid north of Sonic's world is one of Eggman's chemical plants supplying a space port. It's up to the hero character to break through the base's defense.

— Trailer description[1]

Spaceport (スペースポート Supēsupōto?) is the second stage in Sonic Forces, and the first stage in the game to be played as the Avatar. This stage is a re-imagining of the Chemical Plant Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the Sega Mega Drive.

One of Dr. Eggman's many chemical plants, the Spaceport is an industrial high-tech maze in the frigid north of Sonic's world that supplies a nearby space port.[1] This location was ultimately raided by the Resistance when the group needed a space shuttle to reach the rebuilt Death Egg to rescue Sonic.


Like its other incarnations, the Spaceport is an industrial area with no natural environments. Unlike earlier versions of Chemical Plant however, it is presented in a maritime zone, as a kind of industrial platform. Here, gigantic and metallic structures in yellow and gray rise up from the sea. The majority of these structures include high-tech factory-based chemical plants (some of which glow orange) and industrial cranes. Among the structures are various pipes, ducts and containers for transferring and holding blue chemicals. Also winding between the structures are yellow and black-striped roads, yellow and blue tubes, and train tracks for freight trains that transport supplies.

Further into the stage, it is possible to see that the place also serves as a space port (as implied by its name). At the end of the stage are countless neatly-stacked shipping containers that are being transported between the Spaceport and the Death Egg through Eggman Fleet vessels that dot the sky and sit on launch pads to await takeoff to the dreaded space station via various launch options.

Due to being located in the northern region of Sonic's world, most of the Spaceport has frozen over. Surfaces of ice fill up the base, the buildings are covered in a thin layer of frost, and the air is chilly with falling snow. The stage is also overcast by a clouded sky, indicating the winter weather is a natural forecast for this part of the planet.


Following Dr. Eggman and his Eggman Empire's subjugation of over 99% of the world over the last six months, the Resistance has discovered that Sonic the Hedgehog, whom they believed to be dead after being bested by Eggman at the start of the war, is being held prisoner onboard an orbiting space station. Having just recruited a rookie soldier who had survived a battle in the City and made it to the Resistance HQ, Knuckles sends them along with a squad including Team Chaotix to the Spaceport to steal a shuttle that the Resistance can use to reach Sonic.

Upon arriving at the Spaceport, the rookie fights through enemy forces with their new Burst Wispon while Vector's squad focuses on the task at hand: finding a shuttle. While Espio's team is busy holding off enemy forces however, they notice that Infinite has arrived. Thanks to Espio providing a distraction though, the Resistance is able to get through to the launch pad, where Vector's squad manages to procure a shuttle. The rookie is then ordered by Knuckles to retreat as soon as everyone has escaped, all without Infinite discovering their presence.


The Spaceport includes narrow paths for the player to run along, and Grind Rails for grinding on. Other than that, the stage features no unique gimmicks or obstacles.

Like other Avatar stages, Spaceport features Wire Targets for the player to swing around on using the Wire Attack, and numerous Wisp Capsules with Wisps for fueling the Avatar's different Wispons. However, any Wisp Capsule containing Wisps that do not match any of the Wispons the player has currently obtained will be rendered intangible and transparent until the player obtains their Wisp's associated Wispon. This means, for example, that if the player does not have an Asteroid Wispon, then the capsules with Indigo Wisps will be unobtainable.


The stage begins with the Avatar running down a metal bridge, whose perspective eventually switches from 3D to the side-scrolling 2.5D perspective. Eventually, the player will pass through a loop and be launched into the air, before automatically swinging down to a narrow passage in 3D with Grind Rails at the end. While grinding along the aforementioned rails, the perspective will switch to 2.5D again.

At the end of the Grind Rails, the player has to scale a series of platforms. At the top, they must then Wire Attack another target to trigger a cutscene sequence. This sequence shows the Avatar landing on a freight train after swinging away, only to be forced to grapple to higher tracks to avoid hitting an approaching tunnel. Up there, the Avatar manages to grapple past another incoming freight train in the last second before being run over. After that, the player must complete a Real-Time Interaction; the better the player times the Real-Time Interaction by pressing Cross/A button.png/Switch b.png when the green rings that appear overlap, the greater the point bonus the player will receive.

After the Real-Time Interaction, the player will land in a long 2.5D section with multiple path options. At the end of this section, the player will return to a 3D perspective as they get catapulted to another Grind Rail segment. After this segment, the player will arrived in the shuttle port, with the goal in front of the stolen space shuttle.


The following are the suggested clear points for achieving a high enough score to achieve each Rank:

S-Rank A-Rank B-Rank C-rank
1,400,000 720,000 430,000 <430,000



Name Artist(s) Length Music track
"Fighting Onward - Space Port" Tomoya Ohtani 4:55
"Action on the Rails" Kenichi Tokoi 0:32



Sonic Forces - Spaceport

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