Space Port 9 is a tennis court featured in Sega Superstars Tennis. It is based on the Space Channel 5 video game series and is the signature court of Ulala.


Space Port 9 appears as a large stadium-like space station, with bright neon lights, massive screens on the outside of the area, and two camera crews. The court is laid out with neon lights in the floor, and the net is made of some type of hard-light field. Morolians can be seen dancing outside the court.


  • Singles game (new music unlockable)
  • Singles championship (Pudding and music unlockable)


ChuChu Rocket!

The opponent's court is that of a ChuChu Rocket! themed 7×7 board. Hitting arrow panels will rotate them while the ChuChus will go wherever the panels direct them. The aim is to get all the ChuChus in the rocket before the timer expires. There are two missions for this court.


  • Spaceport 9 was also seen in Sonic Riders as part of the Sega Illusion course. After taking a rocket around the Channel 5 Headquarters, the player can travel a stretch of course themed on the spaceport with Morolians shooting a grind rail.



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