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The ARK was the first space colony created by mankind. Not many people know that the ARK contained a top-secret research facility where weapons of mass destruction were being created.

Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Adventure 2[1]

The Space Colony ARK (スペースコロニー・アーク Supēsu Koronī Āku?), also known as simply the ARK, is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a Bernal sphere space station that was built over fifty years before the present day, by Professor Gerald Robotnik, the grandfather of the infamous Dr. Eggman. It is the first space colony that was created by humanity.

As a top-secret research center, the ARK was historically used for scientific testing and experimentation, and several weapons of mass destruction and other advanced contraptions were being created and researched there, such as the Eclipse Cannon and the Artificial Chaos. However, the ARK is most famously known for being where Project Shadow, a military program with the aims of creating and weaponizing an immortal lifeform, took place. The ARK thus served as the "birthplace" of Shadow the Hedgehog and the Biolizard, the two results of the program. Shortly afterwards, with the government fearing the risks the experiments onboard the colony posed, the military raided the space station and shut it down. In the present day, the ARK is still orbiting the earth, but has been left abandoned since the aftermath of Project Shadow.



SA2 ARK map

A map of the ARK, from Sonic Adventure 2.

The Space Colony ARK is a hemispherical, gray-colored, Bernal sphere-type space station that vaguely resembles the face of Gerald Robotnik (and of Dr. Eggman as well), with two concave eye sockets and a very sharp nose which houses the Eclipse Cannon. On each side are three spikes.

Surrounding the ARK are several astronomical bodies like meteorites, asteroids and planetoids, which include the "Capsule Planet", the "Spherical Planet", and the "Holy Planet". Some of these bodies house research centers of their own, with one even having a massive tower surrounded by laboratories and machines.

The Space Colony ARK's exact dimensions are not exactly known (its diameter is only said to be "of several kilometers"[2]), but it is easily gargantuan; its sheer size makes it capable of exterminating all life on earth should it collide with the planet.[3][4] Described as "grotesquely huge",[5] the space station was designed with a population of 100,000 people in mind,[2] and is thus so large that it is easy to get lost in there.[6] At the heart of the colony lies the "Cannon's Core", a heavily fortified area with a shrine resembling the Altar of Emerald within.[7]

Features and abilities[]

When it was still operational, the Space Colony ARK was by far the most advanced research center of its time,[8][2] even being able to survive being partially destroyed,[9] and nearly all of its systems remain perfectly functional to this day. Both the inside and outside of the colony have gravity of its own, the direction of which can be changed using Gravity Control Switches. Guarding its many areas are G.U.N. robots and haywire Artificial Chaos, which make navigating the station very dangerous. Additionally, thanks to devices called Defense Units, there is a defensive barrier that protects the ARK from invaders.

The ARK is filled with weaponry and technology, featuring armaments like Gun Lifts and Ark Missile Turrets, and is fitted with several traps like weights, laser fields, and a poisonous green fluid. As a research center, it also contains various contraptions that had been created there, like Bomb Units, Heal Units, and even Time Switches. Its most powerful weapon, however, is the Eclipse Cannon, a weapon of mass destruction capable of piercing through planets and stars when powered with enough Chaos Emerald energy.[10] Due to its incredible power, it is designed to be impenetable from outside and has a very strong defense system.[11] Also, following G.U.N.'s raid of the ARK, the colony was given a doomsday program by an insane Gerald Robotnik that would force it into a collision course towards the earth and overpower the Eclipse Cannon when powered by the seven Chaos Emeralds. It is nearly impossible to disable this program; the only known method to stop it is by using the Master Emerald at the Cannon's Core to neutralize the Chaos Emeralds.[4]


"I am about to embark on the most ambitious project of my life. The Earth's first orbital space colony will be the ninth wonder of the world! It will be a place of science researching all manner of ways to improve our home below. Seeing as it is a vessel meant to preserve life amid the harshness of space, I have christened it the "ARK". It shall be the vessel to pass on the value of life and peace to the next generation. (And while most of the megastructure will be hidden within the base planetoid, I may have got a little self-indulgent in the design, ho-ho!)"

Gerald Robotnik, Gerald Robotnik's Journal, Entry #185


Launching and early projects[]

The design of the Space Colony ARK was elaborated by the gifted Professor Gerald Robotnik,[12] the grandfather of the infamous Dr. Eggman. The station was launched into orbit several decades ago. Shortly after, the professor himself would take residence onboard the newly operational ARK. Others, like Robotnik's granddaughter Maria, several researchers, and who would become the current Commander of G.U.N. were known to inhabit the space station as well. The colony was the first successful space station made by humanity, and it soon gained a reputation as the most advanced research center of its kind.[1][8][2] However, it was also the place where many weapons of mass destruction would be developed, along with other top-secret projects that only a select few knew about.[1]

Project Shadow[]

Main article: Project Shadow

At the height of his career, Gerald was requested by the then-President of the United Federation to discover humanity's ultimate dream: immortality. Initially, the professor refused this request, as he believed that it would cross man's limits, and that the government would inevitably use the end result as a weapon of war. However, the one who changed his mind was Maria, who had contracted Neuro-Immune Deficiency Syndrome (NIDS), an incurable and deadly disease. Thinking that this research would help develop a cure for his granddaugher's illness, Gerald, who was already under pressure from the government and the military, agreed to develop a means to immortality onboard the ARK.[13][14]

Biolizard file 2

The twenty-third Project Shadow report, detailing the end result of the Biolizard's creation, from Sonic Adventure 2.

At first, Gerald's colleagues thought that the project was too far-fetched, even with the professor's genius intellect by their side. The research project was thus titled "Project Shadow", from the irony that a shadow cannot be created, and took place on the ARK under absolute secrecy. Initially, the researchers made experiments with the Chaos Emeralds to develop the Chaos Drives, with the aims of applying Chaos Emerald energy to life functions, which was successful.[13] Afterwards, the team began developing a prototype of the "Ultimate Lifeform". Modeled after a lizard, the researchers dubbed the prototype the "Biolizard" and awakened it on January 27, at 12:30 AM. Thanks to its restorative ability, the experimental lifeform showed signs of phenomenal growth, as well as self-recovery and self-replication. The team was initially overjoyed with the results; however, that joy was brief, as the Biolizard's growth became more and more exponential and harder to control. Upon Gerald's request, research on the prototype continued at the ARK's Central Dome, under reinforced control. The team observed that the Biolizard was unable to walk on its own, but still had a strong neck and tail, was sensitive to temperature and humidity changes, and had a low intelligence. Gerald meanwhile created a drastically different, hedgehog-like model of the Ultimate Lifeform. Voices of doubt were internally heard from the researchers, who questioned the project's safety.[13][15]

The Gizoid[]

In the midst of Project Shadow, Gerald uncovered an ancient robot at a warehouse and took it to the ARK. At first he did not think much about it, but then found out that the automaton would react to his experiments with Chaos Emerald energy. After some research, the professor was horrified when he discovered that the robot in question was the Gizoid, an ancient weapon of mass destruction created by the Fourth Great Civilization that was the cause of the destruction of said society. After some experiments, Gerald found out that the Gizoid would copy his moves and its data was so complex that it would cause even his most powerful computer to crash. Following further research, the professor discovered that the robot would swear loyalty to, or establish a "Link" with anyone who demonstrates overwhelming power. Fearing what would happen if someone with evil intentions formed a Link with the Gizoid, Gerald began researching a way to reestablish a Link with the weapon.[16][17][18]

Contact with the Black Arms and aftermath[]

His Creation

Black Doom and Gerald Robotnik overseeing the creation of Shadow the Hedgehog onboard the ARK, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Some time after the completion of the Biolizard, the Black Comet, a comet that housed the Black Arms, passed by earth as it would every fifty years. However, it was unable to land on the planet, as it would not be able to withstand atmospheric entry. The ARK contacted the aliens, as Gerald sought help from the Black Arms' leader, Black Doom, to further advance research on Project Shadow. The two then made a deal: Doom would hand over a supply of his blood as DNA for the project, and in return, the professor would have the end result deliver the Black Arms the seven Chaos Emeralds to allow the aliens when the time came so they could use its spacetime-warping powers of Chaos Control to safely transport the Black Comet to the surface of the earth.[19][20][21][22]

Eventually, word of the results of Project Shadow was leaked to G.U.N., with the military's upper branches seeing that the project was hostile and would endanger humanity. As the relations between the ARK and the United Federation were further strained due to the former's interactions with the Black Arms, the government officials froze funding of Project Shadow and threatened to shut down the colony.[23] To gain some more time to complete the project, Gerald offered the government the Gizoid as a bribe. However, other researchers were making the robot absorb more and more weaponry, resulting in the automaton going haywire and destroying much of the ARK. Seeing the Gizoid as a liability, Gerald tried to destroy its core, but he had no success due to his lack of knowledge on the technology that created the robot.[24][9]

Sonic Channel Tanabata 2020

Shadow and Maria living together onboard the Space Colony ARK, from Sonic Channel.

Years of research would finally bear fruit when the end result of Project Shadow and the Ultimate Lifeform, Shadow the Hedgehog, was created. The newly born creature proved to be everything the researchers were hoping for: he possessed immortality, high intelligence, and independence. Shortly after his birth, the hedgehog would develop a close bond with Maria, and both dreamed of visiting earth. Meanwhile, Gerald learned of the true intentions of the Black Arms, and thus armed the ARK with the Eclipse Cannon to destroy the Black Comet upon its return. He also created an ability within Shadow's body that would allow him to resist Black Doom's control, and prepared a contingency video for the hedgehog explaining the outcome of his creation and how he was meant to destroy the Black Arms upon their return.[22]

G.U.N. raid and aftermath[]

Vlc 2016-09-11 23-24-43-141

G.U.N. troops raiding the Space Colony ARK, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Eventually, having had enough, the armed forces of G.U.N. planned the "ARK Seal Operation", where they would raid the ARK and kill everyone involved with Project Shadow while escorting the inhabitants back to the earth. The plan was carried out at an unprecedented scale, the likes of which had not been seen since G.U.N.'s foundation, and within only seven days, all of the ARK's inhabitants were transferred back to earth. The space station's facilities were promptly frozen and all of Project Shadow's staff, with the exception of Gerald himself, were forthwith killed.[13] The operation was completed when both the Gizoid and the Biolizard were sealed, but the encapsulation of the latter cost the lives of many G.U.N. soldiers. Publicly, the military made the false premise that the operation was to seal the colony due to the outbreak of a biological hazard, with the killed researchers being deemed victims.[13]

During the raid, Gerald completed a replica of Shadow, and when G.U.N. troops infiltrated his laboratory, he entrusted Shadow and Maria with running towards a escape pod that would safely take them to the earth.[13] However, while the two were running towards this capsule, a soldier shot Maria, fatally wounding her. With her last remaining strengths, the young girl asked Shadow to give everyone on earth a chance to be happy, just as the black hedgehog was jettisoned from the ARK. It is presumed that the military soon found this escape pod and froze Shadow in a facility onboard Prison Island.[13]

Since Maria was killed during the raid, the news of her death caused her grandfather to go insane. Gerald plotted revenge against the entire human race. He reprogrammed several of his old experiments, including the Eclipse Cannon and the Biolizard, with the intention of destroying the Earth. With the former, he also reprogrammed the ARK to collide into the earth within half an hour after having all seven Chaos Emeralds installed into the cannon.[25] He also programmed Shadow to bring the Chaos Emeralds to the ARK, having presumably recovered Shadow's escape pod before being caught and executed by the government. G.U.N. attempted to shut down all of Gerald's projects, locking up Shadow's stasis tube and sealing away the Biolizard, which had nearly decimated the G.U.N. invaders. The Space Colony ARK was forgotten for fifty years. Presumably during this time, G.U.N. also sealed the flaps of the colony and constructed a second hemisphere around it, making it appear as a simple asteroid to ensure it would not be rediscovered.

Sonic Adventure 2[]

During Sonic Adventure 2, a reawakened Shadow the Hedgehog led Dr. Eggman and Rouge the Bat to the ARK as part of his own plans to get vengeance for the death of Maria. They planned to activate the Eclipse Cannon, a powerful weapon that, when powered by Chaos Emeralds, could destroy a planet or even a star. When six of the seven emeralds were connected to the power supply, Eggman demonstrated the power of the Eclipse Cannon by blowing up half of the moon.

When Sonic the Hedgehog (along with his friends Tails, Knuckles and Amy) tried to intervene, Eggman stole the seventh Chaos Emerald from them. However, when he inserted the final emerald, rather than activating the full power of the weapon, a recording made by Gerald Robotnik as a last act of revenge appeared on several monitors, and the ARK itself began hurtling towards earth. This was Robotnik's revenge plan: when warmongering humans attempted to activate the Eclipse Cannon, the energy from the Chaos Emeralds would be transferred to the engines and the colony would crash into the earth, destroying all life on the planet.

In an attempt to stop it, Sonic and Knuckles made their way to the core. However, they were waylaid by the Biolizard, which had also been awoken when the seventh emerald had been connected to the Eclipse Cannon, remembering its creator's lust for revenge against the earth. At the same time, Amy Rose convinced Shadow that Maria's final wish was that he should protect humanity, not destroy it, and Shadow realized that his memories had been tampered with. Shadow quickly went to help by distracting the Biolizard. This allowed Knuckles enough time to deactivate the power of the Chaos Emeralds by using the Master Emerald. However, they were not safe for long, as the Biolizard used Chaos Control to merge with the Colony itself, becoming the Finalhazard, and continued its descent to the planet.

Sonic2app 2015-10-22 15-08-55-814

Super Sonic and Super Shadow using Chaos Control on the ARK, from the 2012 remaster of Sonic Adventure 2.

Sonic and Shadow used the power of the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Sonic and Super Shadow, respectively. The two fought and defeated the Final Hazard, but the colony still continued its fall. However the two used Chaos Control to teleport the entire colony into a stable orbit around the planet. However, this used the last of Shadow's strength, and he disappeared falling towards earth, happy to have fulfilled Maria's final wish. He was believed dead afterwards, but this would later be dis-proven.

Shadow the Hedgehog[]


The Space Colony ARK, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

In Shadow the Hedgehog, the ARK is featured as an old deserted station since the events of Sonic Adventure 2. When the Black Arms attacked earth, they quickly gained control of the ARK by using Shadow to destroy all the defense systems. Once the ARK was taken over, the Black Arms used the five Emeralds they had to destroy the White House to terrify the humans. It is also here that Shadow remembers the incident in which Maria was killed and a flashback when the Artificial Chaos went on a rampage, and he and Maria had to stop them. Shadow was also confronted here by the Commander of G.U.N., only to discover that he hates Shadow because he blames Shadow for the death of Maria, his childhood friend. Despite that, he lets Shadow go after realizing Shadow remembers nothing. During the true ending, Team Chaotix had arrived on the ARK, with Espio's terminal system. It is revealed that they were sent to the ARK's main computer room, by an unknown agent to recover some data using five secret disks. However, Espio was having problems until Charmy did what Shadow had done earlier in the game; whack the terminal, which proceeds to activate a hologram of the professor, before he went insane. It reveals to Shadow that he had needed help with Shadow's creation, and Black Doom had agreed to help him with his research, but only if, in the future, when he returns, Shadow would find the seven Chaos Emeralds, and give them to him. However, when he discovered Doom's evil intentions to rule the world, he later built the Eclipse Cannon to destroy the Black Comet. The video gave Shadow confidence in confronting Black Doom, the leader of the Black Arms. The Eclipse Cannon was later used by Shadow to destroy the Black Comet, after Devil Doom was defeated. The game closes with Shadow on board the ARK, with a picture of him, Maria, and Professor Gerald.

Sonic Generations[]

Sonic v Shadow Boss ARK Race

Modern Sonic and Shadow racing on the ARK, from the console/PC version of Sonic Generations.

In the console/PC version of Sonic Generations, a version of the Space Colony ARK from during its incident was transported to White Space as a side-effect of the Time Eater's traveling through time. Eventually, the area around the ARK was where Modern Sonic had a duel against Shadow. After a close battle, the blue hedgehog gained the upper hand and emerged victorious. Afterwards, Shadow awarded him a Chaos Emerald. When the Time Eater later got destroyed, the ARK was seemingly returned to its rightful place.

Other game appearances[]

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood[]

In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, the Space Colony ARK is mentioned in the codex files.

Sonic Frontiers[]

In Sonic Frontiers, Sage mentions the ARK while telling Dr. Eggman that he and Sonic worked together many times to stop threats, such as the former itself and Neo Metal Sonic.[26]

Points of interest[]

Known creations on the ARK[]

According to Shadow when he introduced the Eclipse Cannon to Eggman, the ARK was a top-secret research facility for weapons of mass destruction, a piece of information that very few knew of.[1] However, as Shadow was using Eggman to exact his own vengeance against humanity for killing Maria, it could easily have been a lie to gain Eggman's trust, with the Eclipse Cannon being the only creation to back up that statement.

Eclipse Cannon[]

Main article: Eclipse Cannon

The Eclipse Cannon (エクリプスキャノン Ekuripusu Kyanon?) is the signature weapon of the space colony, which is built onto the front of the colony itself. It projects a humongous laser (blue in Sonic Adventure 2, green in Shadow the Hedgehog) that is capable of destroying an entire planet when it is fully charged and powered by all seven Chaos Emeralds. The cannon takes longer to charge with fewer Emeralds, and the emitted energy is less powerful than with all the seven emeralds in charge.[27]

The main room that assists in powering the cannon is called "The Core". It is a complex system flooded by yellow fluid (safe enough for swimming, as demonstrated by Knuckles), and the fluid leads into a room large enough to well fit the Biolizard. This room contains an architectural copy of the Master Emerald altar, designed for maximum Chaos Emerald energy extraction, complete with an apparatus above it that functions akin to a beating heart.[7]

In other media[]


Sonic X[]


The Space Colony ARK, from Sonic X.

In the Sonic X anime series, the Space Colony ARK was a space station orbiting around the Earth, in which researches were directed by genius scientists to create weapons for the United States government. Amongst these researches, one in particular stood out, namely "Project Shadow", which was carried out by Gerald Robotnik, the talented grandfather of Dr. Eggman, to experiment with immortality and the creation of an "Ultimate Life Form". However, after the project was finished and resulted in the birth of Shadow the Hedgehog, the military feared that the creature would be a threat and shut down the ARK. Fifty years later, Eggman attempted to use the space station in a failed attempt to subjugate the Earth under his Eggman Empire, blowing up the moon with its Eclipse Cannon in the process.

Books and comics[]

Archie Comics[]

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, the Space Colony ARK was a space station in orbit around Mobius. At some point it was built by the Overlanders as part of their Hundred Moons of Mobius project, but it eventually ended up under control of G.U.N.. It was here where Professor Gerald Robotnik, the grandfather of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, carried out "Project Shadow" to research a potential cure for Neuro-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome, a deadly disease his granddaughter Maria Robotnik had. This ended up with the creation of the Biolizard and Shadow the Hedgehog. However, his project came to an end when G.U.N. raided the ARK, killed Maria and arrested the professor.

After the Super Genesis Wave re-wrote history, the Space Colony ARK became virtually indistinguishable from its video game counterpart.

IDW Publishing[]

Space Colony Ark Flashback (IDW)

Sonic and co. onboard the ARK, from Sonic the Hedgehog #6.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing, Sonic recalls several events that happened on the Space Colony ARK.[28][29]


  • For one night every year, one can see the ARK directly above the moon; due to this yearly phenomenon, the spaceship has been referred to as the earth's second moon.[30]
  • In Sonic Adventure 2, Tails calls the ARK the first "Bernoulli spherical space colony". This is presumably a mistranslation of the Japanese line, in which the ARK is called a Bernal sphere space colony.
  • The ARK is mentioned by Shadow in LEGO Dimensions during his quest. He specifically mentions that the colony never had flowers in it.[31]


Concept artwork[]








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