You may be looking for South Island, the setting of Sonic the Hedgehog (1991).

Southern Island (サザン島 Sazan shima?) is a location that appears in Sonic Rush Adventure. It is a small island located in Blaze's world and the birthplace and residence of Marine the Raccoon. Marine lives in Windmill Village (風車村 Kazaguruma-mura?), a village in the center of the island.


At the beginning of the game, Marine tells Sonic and Tails that she has never been off the island and has always lived there. It's also home to the Coconut Crew, a group of seven koalas who are Marine's friends. In Sonic Rush Adventure, Southern Island acts like a regular menu screen, where the player uses Sonic to talk to the other characters to access certain game modes, like how Sonic talks to Setter in order to change the game's settings.


Marine's House

Marine's House and navigation map of Southern Island.

In the point-and-click map of Southern Island in Sonic Rush Adventure, many of the featured parts of the island are shown. These spots include:

  • Marine's House - Located in the Windmill Village. Marine, Blaze, Tails, and Setter can be found here. This is also where the player can play missions given by Marine, play Time Attack, or manage Wi-Fi settings.
  • Whale Point - Sonic comes here to train and it also serves as a tutorial where the player learns how to play the game.
  • Seagull Beach - Sonic comes here to talk to Muzy, the wandering musician who opens the Sound Test. Players can unlock more music once they've completed certain missions.
  • Wave Cyclone - The dock where the waterbike, the Wave Cyclone, is anchored. The player can find Tabby, the first member of the Coconut Crew Sonic meets and Kylok there. Tabby gives missions for the player to do, and Kylok opens up a list of movies that are from the events of the game.
  • Ocean Tornado - The dock where the ship, the Ocean Tornado, is anchored. This is where the player can find Gardon, Blaze's royal guard, and Norman, a viking polar bear who was trapped in a block of ice at Blizzard Peaks until Sonic rescued him. Gardon gives out missions for Blaze to do in order to get the Sol Emeralds, and Norman opens the Viking Cup, a Time/Score Attack for the vessels, including the Johnny's Races levels.
  • Aqua Blast - The dock where the hovercraft, the Aqua Blast, is anchored. The player can find Colonel there, who helps Sonic with knowledge about the places he's explored. He gives out missions and decorates Southern Island if paid a certain amount of rings.
  • Deep Typhoon - The dock where the submarine, the Deep Typhoon, is anchored. The player can find Daikun there, a member of the Coconut Crew who's always carrying around a hammer. He will decorate the island when certain missions are completed.
  • Magma Hurricane - This appears as a door on the volcano and only appears after the player has visited Deep Core once. It replays the whole story after Big Swell.

In other media

Archie Comics

Southern Island also appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic adaptation of Sonic Rush Adventure. In Sonic Universe, Marine and Blaze are sailing around on the Ocean Tornado. They come across Shadow who apparently just lost a small battle to Metal Sonic. Marine and Blaze pull him onto the boat and Marine considers Shadow as "A sinister looking one". Shadow introduces himself and Blaze wonders if he's related to Sonic the Hedgehog. Shadow says that they have crossed paths before and he explains how he got to her world. Blaze then explains that her first meeting with Sonic "didn't go so well". She then retells the story of how she was reunited with him, Tails, and Marine. Before Blaze could finish the proper ending of the story, Marine says she went all crazy on them and saved the day. Shadow gets annoyed along with Blaze and says if she's the captain, why doesn't she just steer them to the nearest port.

Marine then takes the wheel and steers toward Southern Island. Marine then points out to Blaze that she smells smoke and the three rush out onto Seagull Beach. The three then meet Metal Sonic (to Shadow, once again) who is attacking one of the Coconut Crew Members. Blaze then attacks him for assaulting one of her people, but she gets knocked back. Then Shadow tries to fight Metal Sonic using his Chaos Control, but it fails. That's when Marine hops on top of Metal, and when Shadow and Blaze tried to attack, Marine kept getting in their way. Metal throws Marine off and thanks to quick thinking from Blaze, Shadow and Blaze unleash a combo on Metal and launch him up into the air. Marine then uses the Ocean Tornado's cannons to completely destroy Metal Sonic, leaving Shadow temporarily stranded. Shadow says that Metal had the dimensional engine that was his only way home. He is then given the green Chaos Emerald by Blaze, which was given to her by Sonic to help her find the Sol Emeralds.


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