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Source of All

Sally entering the Source of All

The Source of All is an omnipotent and sentient substance that created the universe and supplies all the cosmic matter necessary to create the base material for life and everything else. The Source, as a result, exists in everyone and everything in the universe, but not in any degree noticeable, but, if en-masse, can channel and produce vast amounts of magical energy.


Interactions with the Acorns

The Source has shared a long history with the ruling leaders of Mobius, the House of Acorn. The reasons for this are unclear, though it is most likely because, as per its rules, it shares its power with those powerful enough to lead others. The Source established a long relationship with the royal family; at every member's 10th commemoration, the member was guided by their predecessor to the nexus pool of Source matter, located in a secret chamber at the lowest level of Castle Acorn in Mobotropolis, where they would wade in and bond with the Source for life. The Source also determines who the member's spouse should be, and provides council to the family's members during times of crisis, as it did for King Max during the Great War (though Sally Acorn considered rejecting the bonding outright, as she did not want the Source making decisions for her). (StH: #58, #60)

After much conversation with her brother, Elias (now named King Max's successor) and Sally went ahead and made the attempt to bond with the Source of All. She rejected it before completion, though it had not rejected Sally. (StH: #110, SSS: #11)

During the reign of King Frederick Acorn, after Maximillian's immersion, he directed his son to drain the residual Source matter attached to his body into a molding furnace, where it was then forged into three royal artifacts for use by the current monarch. During Dr. Ivo Robotnik's military takeover of Mobius, access to the pool was cut off with the founding of Robotropolis and the artifacts were scattered across Mobius. However, over time, the artifacts were retrieved. Following Robotnik's death at the hands of Sonic the Hedgehog, access to the pool was available once again - until Doctor Eggman took the city. (StH: #56, #58, #75)

Decline and Destruction

This changed following Robotropolis's destruction by Station Square's O.T.I.S. defense computer. The pool, containing the largest concentration of the pure Source matter, was rendered inaccessibly permanently due to the nuclear blast - the contents of the pool were instantly evaporated. (StH: #110)

Contact with the Source was cut off completely when the artifacts, while initially remaining and used to great effect by the Kingdom of Acorn's champions, were individually destroyed. The Sword and Crown of Acorns were eventually destroyed by Sir Connery's suicide attack using the Sword of Light when the artifact's Source matter was corrupted by the harsh Chaos energies of Mammoth Mogul. (StH: #163, #164)

Royal Artifacts


  • A cancelled storyline would depict the Source of All being corrupted by Ixis Naugus, causing it to seek to bond with Sally and prevent her from achieving her destiny. This plot line could still come to pass, as this prototype story featured the Source of All escaping the devastation of Robotropolis by seeping through the planet's surface and reforming in a mountain grotto halfway around the planet. In addition, an order of protectors known as "the Strand" were thought of, and another possible idea was having Antoine D'Coolette bond with it in hopes of winning back his beloved Bunnie Rabbot, only to be corrupted and used for its own purposes.[1]
  • Ian Flynn commented on the "destruction" of the Source of All and the artifacts stemming from it. Flynn said: "The Source of All that was in the goopy pool and what made up the Sword/Crown of Acorns were "pure" samples of the stuff. 99.9% of the Source had become matter or energy in the conventional sense. Now, matter can neither be created no destroyed, simply changed. So when the original pool was nuked with the rest of Robotropolis, it was converted to energy and joined the rest of the ambient energies that make up Creation. In the form of the Sword and Crown, they became conduits of magic power. Not so much the "pure Source" as items with enhanced properties due to their make-up. They were corrupted with Mogul's dark will and destroyed by Sir Connery's light magic via the Sword of Light. Effectively, the Sword and Crown were "nuked" like the pool. It's all a moot point, really, since there is no more "pure" Source of all to worry about."[2]


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