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Excalibur Sonic using Soul energy for his attack.

Soul gauge energy
[1], or just Soul[2], is a type of energy that appears in the Sonic Storybook series .


Soul is a type of energy akin to Chaos energy , as it is primarily used to dish out magical attacks. Like Chaos energy, it can be utilized for varying abilities, such as time manipulating abilities (time break ), flame-based attacks (Flames of Kilekion ) and even Chaos Powers (Chaos Punishment ).

Pearls and Rich Pearls are objects that contain Soul energy within them , replenishing a user’s Soul energy reserves when ever they are obtained. This Soul energy is represented by the Soul Gauge.

Shahra is also capable of utilizing this energy form, as she is the reason Sonic is capable of utilizing the Fire , Wind , and Dark elements in Sonic and the Secret Rings .



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