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Sonugh the Boghog is Sonic the Hedgehog's counterpart/ancestor on Prehistoric Mobius, as well as leader of the Prehistoric Freedom Fighters.


He appears virtually identical to Sonic, except the fact he has a white beard and wears no shoes, and his species name comes from the initial absence of any hedges on his version of Mobius. Despite possessing super speed, he and his fellow Freedom Fighters lived in terror of the predations of Ivo Robughnik, their caveman nemesis, as well as the local dinosaurs. When a scheme of Robughnik's counterpart Dr. Robotnik brought Sonic to Sonugh's Mobius, Sonic was appalled to learn of Sonugh's plan to lead the Freedom Fighters deeper underground to avoid their enemy, which Sonic feared would lead to his own evolution into a mole. As a result, Sonugh and the others were taught how to replant bushes to form the first hedges, undoubtedly leading to the rise of that Mobius' Great Forest. However, after Sonic's return to his own home, Sonugh and his fellow Freedom Fighters found themselves sweating under the commands of their Sally Acorn.[1]


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