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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonically Ever After

"Sonically Ever After" is the sixty-fifth and final episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Despite being produced as the sixty-fifth episode, it aired as the forty-third episode during the show's original run.




Sonic costumes

  • Law Enforcer
  • Hansel
  • Sonic the Squatty Guy
  • Princess Rapunzel


Miss Saccharine is reading stories to children in the Mobius City Park. Sonic and Tails run into the park with Dr. Robotnik with Scratch and Grounder behind him. Robotnik calls for his Portable Portal Transporter. Tails sprains his tail and Miss Saccharine tells him to sit back and listen to the stories with the others. Tails calls for help from Sonic, who grabs him, but Sonic is then grabbed by Robotnik. Scratch and Grounder fire the Portable Portal Transporter which warps Sonic, Tails and Robotnik into Miss Saccharine's storybook.

Sonic and Tails find themselves in the story of "Hansel and Nettle" which features a house made of Chili Dogs. They are dressed as the characters in the story. Tails pulls up a dress and notices he is a girl. Robotnik, dressed as a witch, comes out of the Chili Dog house and invites the two heroes in for lunch. Tails rushes in before Sonic can warn him, knowing the fairy tale. Sonic follows Tails and they drool over a pot of chili. Robotnik tries to push them in the chili, but misses and falls in himself, allowing Sonic and Tails to escape the house. Robotnik tastes the chili and says it would taste better with eggs and hedgehog in it.

Miss Saccharine finds it strange that the book she is reading is now different than she remembered, because it now has Sonic, Tails and Robotnik in it. Rocket the Sloth and his sister say they prefer this version and so does Grounder, who is now sitting with the kids listening to the stories. Scratch says they need to fix the broken Portable Portal Transporter and get Robotnik out of the book, but Grounder says he'll do it after the next story.

Miss Saccharine begins reading the next story, "Snow Height and the Seven Squatty Guys". In the story, the Evil Queen asks her magic mirror who the tallest person in the land is. Robotnik appears in the mirror and says "Not you, String Bean". The Queen faints as Robotnik jumps out of the mirror. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails appear dressed as members of the Seven Squatty Guys along with five others: Shrimpy, Stumpy, Dumpy, Shorty and Sid. Robotnik shows up at their door offering Snow Height a Chili Dog. Tails runs out and eats the Chili Dog before anyone can stop him, which causes him to turn blue and fall asleep. Sonic begs Snow Height to kiss him and wake him up, and Sonic is also disappointed that Tails doesn't know his fairy tales. She makes Sonic promise that if she kisses Tails, he'll find Prince Charming for her so she can kiss him. Sonic promises to do just that. She kisses Tails and he wakes up. Robotnik knocks on the door again saying he's the big bad wolf, before bursting in with a leaf blower and blowing the other five Squatty Guys out of the window. Snow Height kisses Robotnik thinking he is Prince Charming, and while Robotnik is distracted, Sonic and Tails try to find a way out of the storybook.

Robotnik steals a magic wand from Cinderella's Fairy Godfather and transforms Snow Height into a toad. He says he will turn Sonic into a toad and Tails into a fly. Tails asks Sonic if he will promise not to eat him, but Sonic doesn't make this promise, as he says he's pretty hungry. Tails flinches, but Sonic says he's only joking.

Back in the real world, Scratch and Grounder have fixed the Portable Portal Transporter. They fire the device and release Sonic and Tails from the book. Along with them comes Snow Height (who is still a toad), Cinderella and the Fairy Godfather. Robotnik then emerges from the book with Beatnik Giant and James the Dragon. Robotnik runs around the city with his magic wand, changing random objects into golden statues of himself.

Sonic, Tails, the fairy tale characters and the children all gather round and make a plan to defeat Robotnik. Sonic distracts Robotnik by dressing up as Rapunzel, pretending to be trapped in a tower. Robotnik climbs up his hair and puckers up for a kiss. Sonic holds up Snow Height, who is kissed by Robotnik, changing her back to human form. Sonic tries to grab the wand from Robotnik, but accidentally knocks him and the wand out of the window.

Robotnik chases Sonic and the others with Beatnik Giant and James the Dragon. Sonic approaches the dragon, who is furious because he has a thorn in his foot. Sonic pulls out the thorn, and the dragon takes a liking to him. Robotnik calls James a "big slobbering idiot" for siding with Sonic, which makes him angry. The dragon torches Robotnik while Sonic provokes Beatnik Giant into chasing him up a beanstalk. Tails and the others chop down the beanstalk and the giant comes crashing down on Robotnik. Refusing to give up, Robotnik reaches the top of an icy mountain peak and creates lightning and volcanic eruptions with his magic wand.

Sonic and Tails make their way to the Mobius Airport. They climb in a small red plane and write the words "Happily ever after, the end" in the sky, which causes a portal to open. The magic wand and the fairy tale characters are sent back to their own world. Robotnik wishes he could repair his Portable Portal Transporter, in order to bring characters from a scary storybook to life.

Back in the park, Miss Saccharine has finished reading the storybook. The kids leave and Sonic jumps out of the book before saying his final line: "Every story must end. Even this one. But it's no fairy tale. See ya soon for more Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog!"

Sonic Says

Sonic teaches Tails about going to the library and reading books.

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  • When Sonic is dressed as Hansel, he has a picture of a Chili Dog on the front of his lederhosen.
  • This episode marks the final appearance of Sonic, Tails, Dr. Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder.
  • Some of the fairy tale princesses are based on their Disney counterparts.
  • This episode featured many realistic painted backgrounds as opposed to the often-absurdist backgrounds typical of the show. Such backgrounds would become the norm for the following Sonic show, the Sonic the Hedgehog television series.
  • It is often speculated that the Hansel and Nettle segment of this episode is the reason that Tails is female in the Latin American version of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • The plane that Sonic and Tails flies at the end of the episode looks similar to the Tornado.
  • The portal to the fairy tales looks exactly like the portal to Goobster's dimension in episode "So Long Sucker".
  • This episode ends on a fourth-wall breaking moment with Sonic addressing the viewer, telling them to stay tuned for more episodes. Ironically, this was the final episode of the show (by production code; "Hero of the Year" was the real last episode in the show's original run), until the Christmas special, Sonic Christmas Blast, three years later.
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