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Sonic x Vapor is an online Flash game made by Sega and Nike as part of Nike's "My Time is Now" brand campaign, which made its debut on 18 May 2012. It was one of several secrets hidden within the interactive "My Time is Now" video on the Nike Football YouTube page, accessible at timestamp 2:34 by clicking on the shoe on the billboard. The game was also playable through the campaign's interactive promotional advertisements on the Xbox 360 Dashboard.

After the "My Time is Now" campaign ended, the interactive page containing the Flash version was deleted and the advertisements containing the console version stopped appearing on the Xbox 360 Dashboard.


Sonic performing a kick on a row of Crabmeats.

The game is based around Auto Running, taking place in a 2D perspective identical to the Sega Mega Drive Sonic games. The player can control Sonic the Hedgehog by left-clicking the mouse, pressing the spacebar, or pressing XboxA.png to Spin Jump and Double Jump. The player is able to destroy Badniks (referred to as "the opposition") such as Crabmeats and Choppers, and collect Rings to gain points. The player can also come across bouncing soccer balls that Sonic automatically kicks to destroy five Badniks in a row, rewarding the player with ten Rings. Collisions with Badniks or spikes causes the player to lose all their Rings. If the player takes damage over a spike pit with Rings, they will be respawned on the next closest area of solid ground.

As the distance increases and the game speeds up, instant Game Over bottomless pits begin appearing, more Badniks spawn, and Rings become scarce, raising the difficulty. The game ends when the player gets a Game Over, in which their total score is tallied by the distance in meters covered, the amount of Rings collected, and how many Badniks were defeated. The player then has the option to retry the game.



Gimmicks and obstacles


Playable characters



  • The game uses graphics from Sonic the Hedgehog, specifically Green Hill Zone and modified Sonic sprites, whilst the music is taken from Splash Hill Zone Act 1 of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I.
  • Sonic x Vapor features the same gameplay mechanics as Sonic Freehand, save for the addition of soccer balls.
  • This is the second time Sonic has worn shoes other than his own in order to promote a real-life shoe brand, the first being the 2G Hi-Speed Shoes. In this game, Sonic dons a pair of Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII football cleats.
  • Star Posts appear in the game and activate when the player passes them; however, they serve no function in gameplay.








Sonic X Vapor Gameplay


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