Sonic the Story is a novel book published by Ladybird in the United Kingdom in 1994. It tells the origins of Sonic the Hedgehog and Dr. Ivo Robotnik based on the drafts from the early Sonic canon.






The book begins with Tails telling the story of how an orphaned Sonic was raised on a planet called Mobius in Green Hill Zone by a group of Animals who taught him many skills. While playing hide-and-seek with some of the Animals in Green HIll one day however, Sonic stumbled upon the secret laboratory of Dr. Ovi Kintobor, a human scientist who had made it his mission to rid Mobius of all evil using the Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor (ROCC) which could attract and transfer all the evil gathered from Mobius to other objects. In this case, Kintobor used six emeralds, which he called "Chaos Emeralds". To keep the machine stable during the process, gold rings were placed into the ROCC.

After Dr. Kintobor managed to transfer most of the Mobius' evil into the Emeralds, he discovered that the evil power was very unstable. Kintobor thus needed a seventh Chaos Emerald to balance the forces. Meanwhile, Sonic become friends with Kintobor, who developed an exercise treadmill for Sonic, who trained on it everyday. One day however, Sonic managed to traveling at supersonic speed on the treadmill; the first time this occurred, his whole body became blue from the supersonic shock waves. As Sonic's speed lept increasing, Kintobor made a pair of friction-reducing shoes for sonic, so he would not set the treadmil on fire nor send sparks into the lab when running on it.

One afternoon, Sonic was visiting Kintobor while the doctor was working on the ROCC. Sonic was hungry, so he went to the lab's fridge. However, the fridge had nothing in it except an rotten egg. Sonic Handed the egg to Kintobor to check it out. However, Kintobor was busily entering calculation into the ROCC, so when he took the egg, he entered a wrong number into the machine, causing it to shake, rattle and roll.



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