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Sonic the Poster Mag #8 was the eighth installment of Sonic the Poster Mag, a spin-off of Sonic the Comic referred to as "A Sonic the Comic Mega-Production" and published by Fleetway Editions.

It featured a giant poster of Sonic and Knuckles, as well as a six-page comic strip featuring those two characters on the reverse.


Featured Stories

Sonic & Knuckles in - "The Chaos Emerald Thief"


Two figures meet in the Metro Bar, in the poorest part of the Metropolis Zone, Robotnik's capital city. One is in heavy green robes. The other, Smirch, is a purple bird, and has come to sell a valuable item: the purple Chaos Emerald, which he stole from under the nose of Knuckles, the guardian of the emeralds, on the Floating Island! The robed figure wishes to examine the item before purchasing, but suddenly Sonic the Hedgehog arrives on the scene to stop the trade and get the Emerald back!

Smirch releases a poison gas, which Sonic needs to clear before it affects any of the bar's customers. He smashes a window, but by then it is too late and Smirch has escaped. Still, Sonic still has Smirch's robed companion, and he demands answers, which the robed figure is only too willing to provide. It turns out that the robed figure is actually Knuckles himself, and he's furious that Sonic's interference now means he won't be able to recover the Emerald. However, Sonic reveals he's got a tracking device built by Porker Lewis that can track the Emerald's energy signature. Knuckles demands that Sonic give him the device and leave, but Sonic refuses - if Robotnik gets the Emerald they're all in trouble.

They quickly find Smirch again. Knuckles demands that Sonic let him handle it, and he causes a wall to topple on top of Smirch. Unfortunately, Sonic doesn't listen and attempts to take Smirch from behind... only for the wall to fall on him instead, breaking the tracker! The two start arguing, each blaming the other for letting Smirch get away again, while Smirch himself attempts to sneak away in the background. The fight soon degenerates into an insult match, and when Sonic says the Knuckles' people abandoned him because they couldn't stand the sight of him, Knuckles gets violent. He punches Sonic on the chin and the hedgehog goes flying... right into Smirch! Sonic, having recovered the Emerald, cheerfully hands it back to Knuckles, telling the echidna to give him a call if he ever loses it again.

Knuckles seriously doubts that Sonic did that on purpose, but Sonic insists that he saw Smirch escaping and couldn't be bothered to run after him. "You're unbelievable!" says Knuckles, and Sonic quite happily agrees.



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