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Sonic the Poster Mag #7 was the seventh installment of Sonic the Poster Mag, a spin-off of Sonic the Comic referred to as "A Sonic the Comic Mega-Production" and published by Fleetway Editions. It focused on Streets of Rage, with a giant Streets of Rage poster and a six-page Streets of Rage comic on the reverse.


Featured stories

Streets of Rage - "Facts of Life"

Thugs attack a young woman, out in the city alone at night. Fortunately, that woman is Blaze Fielding, and she quickly defeats her attacker. Along with Axel Stone, Max Hatchett and Skates, Blaze defeats the gang members. The police arrive, but instead of arresting the thugs they arrest the four heroes instead.

Blaze and Axel are bundled into the lead car, while Max and Skates are put in the second. Axel accuses the police department of being in the pocket of crimelord Mr X, which disturbs the rookie officer riding shotgun. The rookie realises that his boss isn't taking them back to the station, but instead driving out to a dump where the vigilante heroes can be executed. Once there, the rookie is assigned to watch Blaze... but instead he secretly unlocks her cuffs. She frees the others, who knock out all the cops.

Axel tries to convince the rookie to quit the force and join them, but he can't. If he quits, they'll kill him! He begs Axel to hit him and make it look real, so that nobody will know he helped them, and a furious Axel is only too happy to oblige. He pummels the young officer until Blaze tells him to stop. Even honest cops won't turn on Mr X. Someday soon their luck will run out, but until then the four heroes will keep fighting for justice on the streets.

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