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Sonic the Poster Mag #6 was the sixth installment of Sonic the Poster Mag, a spin-off of Sonic the Comic referred to as "A Sonic the Comic Mega-Production" and published by Fleetway Editions.

It contains a giant poster featuring Sonic the Hedgehog, with a six-page Sonic comic strip on the reverse.


Featured stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "Marble Garden Menace"


The Kintobor Computer informs Sonic about new Badnik activity in the Marble Garden Zone on the Floating Island. Tails isn't around to fly him there in the Tornado, so he decides to reach the Floating Island by using the untested Hyper-Spring. Amy Rose waylays him outside, asking for a date, and grabs onto his foot as he uses the spring so that he takes her with him. Although Sonic is concerned they might not make it to the Floating Island because of the extra weight, he does manage to grab on and pull himself up.

Just as Sonic attempts to tell Amy (again) that she is not his girlfriend and he doesn't need her around, he is surprised by a Pointdexter Badnik and only saved by Amy's quick reactions and expert marksmanship with her crossbow. The freed bear reveals that Robotnik's new Badnik is the Combinik, made from three different types of Badniks and three times as difficult to destroy.

Suddenly the ground gives way beneath them, and they barely manage to avoid the underground traps, only to be ambushed by the tunnelling Combinik itself! Neither Sonic's Spin Attack nor Amy's crossbow can penetrate its armour, so they opt for a tactical retreat. A chance comment by Amy gives Sonic an idea, and they lure the Combinik across a narrow bridge, which crumbles under its massive weight and drops him in the mud. The Combinik is stuck fast, and falls apart, releasing the three organic batteries used to power it.

Before Amy can gush over Sonic any more, Tails suddenly appears in his bi-plane, much to Sonic's relief. As they depart, Knuckles the Echidna, still firmly allied with Doctor Robotnik, tunnels up out of the ground. He's still holding a grudge, and it's lucky for Sonic that they didn't meet... this time...




  • Knuckles is still allied with Doctor Robotnik in this story, meaning that it is set between Sonic the Comic #34, "Enter Knuckles, Part 2", and Sonic the Comic #35, "Power of the Chaos Emeralds, Part 1". Therefore, although he is not seen, Robotnik himself must be locked up in a cell in Sonic's Secret Underground Base.
  • It is unclear where Tails is during the main events of this story. Although the "Zonerunner & The Flock" storyline ran at approximately the same time in the main series, Sonic and Tails' reunion after that adventure (meeting Sonic beyond the Chemical Plant Zone barrier) was different from the reunion depicted at the end of this story (in which Tails picks up Sonic and Amy in the Tornado).



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