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Sonic the Poster Mag #4 was the fourth installment of Sonic the Poster Mag, a spin-off of Sonic the Comic referred to as "A Sonic the Comic Mega-Production" and published by Fleetway Editions. Sonic the Comic #25 advertised it as "out now".

It contains a giant poster featuring Shinobi, with a six-page Shinobi comic strip on the reverse.


Featured stories

Shinobi - "Way Of The Warrior"

  • Writer: Alan McKenzie
  • Art: Jon Haward & John Burns
  • Lettering: Ellie de'Ville

Joe Musashi, the Shinobi, battles Neo Zeed Ninja on the Hakima Industrial Estate in Tokyo. Having defeated them, however, he finds that his haragei (ninja natural radar) is being blocked, and he is caught unawares by the Void, the Neo Zeed enforcer named after the fifth element from the classic Japanese text of sword strategy, The Book of Five Rings. Musashi is surprised when the Void is revealed as a master of the Iron Hand technique, which shatters even Musashi's tempered sword.

Musashi enters prana, a meditative state that allows him to draw power from the Earth, and thus gains the ability to use the Iron Hand technique himself, impressing the Void. The two clash, both striking with Iron Hands, but Musashi is stronger and Void's hand is crushed. Musashi sends the Void away, defeated, with a message for his Neo Zeed masters: Musashi wishes only to be left alone, and his reluctance to fight is not weakness.

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