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Sonic the Poster Mag #3 was the third installment of Sonic the Poster Mag, a spin-off of Sonic the Comic referred to as "A Sonic the Comic Mega-Production" and published by Fleetway Editions. It was released the week after Sonic the Comic #20, and before Sonic the Comic #21.

It contains a giant poster featuring Sonic the Hedgehog in action, with a six-page comic strip on the reverse.


Featured Stories

Sonic the Hedgehog - "The Kid Cruel Caper"


In the gold mining town of Forest Hills, a family of monkeys is terrorized by a giant simian gangster named Kid Cruel and his gang of Coconuts Badniks. Kid Cruel kidnaps the child of the family and uses him as an organic battery for one of his Badniks, then forces the parents to hand over all the gold from the mines.

They call in Sonic the Hedgehog for help, who arrives along with Tails and Porker Lewis. The three Freedom Fighters go out in search of Kid Cruel, but are attacked by the Coconuts Badniks. Sonic is easily able to dodge the projectiles that the Badniks throw at them, but then Kid Cruel himself appears. He reveals that each of the Badniks is wired with a bomb, and if any of the Coconuts receives any kind of impact, then all of the bombs will explode and take the organic batteries out too.

Confident that Sonic and the others are trapped by the Coconuts, Kid Cruel walks off to call Doctor Robotnik, hoping to receive the bounty that has been placed on Sonic's head. Sonic isn't willing to wait for the doctor to show up, however. Pushing the limits of his super speed, he destroys all of the Coconuts. However, before he can get rid of them, the bombs seem to explode in his hands. Kid Cruel rejoices that Sonic has died... until Sonic emerges from the flames, his spines singed but still alive.

Sonic ties up Kid Cruel, and escapes with the monkey children before Robotnik's transport warps in from the Special Zone.




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