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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic the Matchmaker

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This is the transcript for the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Sonic the Matchmaker".

Note: Scenes that were cut from certain reruns are highlighted in red.

[As the episode begins, there's a plate with a stick of dynamite on a hot dog bun disguised as a chili dog]

Grounder: Oh, it's getting late, Scratch, and we gotta get home!

[Grounder opens his chest compartment revealing a clock. The time in it shows it's 6:32]

Grounder: Look at the time! Dr. Robotnik's gonna be furious if we're late with his dinner!
Scratch: He's gonna be even more furious if we don't catch that hedgehog!

[Sonic zooms close to the trap]

Scratch: Here he comes! Light the fuse!

[Grounder lights the fuse. The flame on the match burns his left hand.]

Grounder: Ow!

[The fuse continues burning. Sonic stops in front of the fake chili dog on the platter.]

Sonic: Hmm. Looks like somebody's dinner is getting cold.

[He covers the fake chili dog on the plate with the silver lid and zooms off.]

Sonic: And I know just whose!

[Scratch and Grounder cover their ears waiting for an explosion but Scratch notices something's wrong.]

Scratch: Sonic's gone!
Grounder: Holey moley! That had to be the quietest explosion I ever didn't hear!
Scratch: No, dimbot! Not gone like "done for", gone like "took off" and he took the bomb!

[Sonic is seen running off, taking the chili dog bomb with him.]

Scratch: We'll be in a lot of trouble if Sonic gets to Dr. Robotnik before us!

[Scratch and Grounder run after Sonic. Scene changes to Robotnik sitting at the dining room table, waiting impatiently for Scratch and Grounder.]

Dr. Robotnik: Scratch! Grounder! Where's my food?! Those miserable metallic morons are always late!

[Disguised at a delivery man, Sonic runs to the table with a silver platter and puts it on the table in front of Dr. Robotnik.]

Sonic: Your robots are running a little behind, so they sent for takeout.
Robotnik: Takeout? I'm as patient and good-natured as the next villain, but this is enough to make me blow my stack!
Sonic: You said it, not me!

[Sonic zooms off. Robotnik opens the platter, revealing the chili dog bomb meant for Sonic, which blows up in his face. He is then singed from the explosion.]

Robotnik: I hate chili dogs! And I hate that hedgehog!

[Scratch and Grounder run to the dining room.]

Scratch: Stop!
Grounder: Don't eat that...chili dog!

[Scratch and Grounder find out too late that Robotnik took the fall for Sonic as he glares at them.]

Grounder: I bet you're mad, huh?
Robotnik: Mad? Try furious! Try despicably hostile! So don't just stand there looking stupid! Make me happy!

[Scratch and Grounder share a glance at each other.]

Scratch and Grounder: How?
Robotnik: Take care of me! Cook! Clean! Fluff my pillows!
Scratch: Sounds like you want a maid!
Robotnik: But I also want someone to love, honor, and most importantly, obey me!
Scratch and Grounder: You want a wife?
Robotnik: Any woman on Mobius would be proud to be Mrs. Robotnik.

[Scratch and Grounder stare at Robotnik in disbelief.]

Robotnik: Okay. So, I'll build one. A robot wife!

[Scratch and Grounder return with a TV and VCR.]

Grounder: But, boss!
Scratch: Remember what happen to those other robots you built? Breezie and Robotink, Jr.?
Grounder: Yeah! They were nasty, scheming, and rotten!

[Grounder pushes the button that plays a video tape.]

Robotink: I know. Perfect! Until they turned against me!

[Static is shown on the TV, which then shows Breezie on the screen. Sonic is seen giving her flowers and she smells them.]

Robotink: Breezie, my super spy robot.
Breezie: Awesome!
Robotnik: She ran Sonic ragged.
Breezie: My favorite, favorite flowers grow 2,000 miles away. Could you bring me some?

[Scene changes to Sonic on a treadmill, followed by a scene where he is caught in a magnet, which Breezie shuts down.]

Robotnik: But she betrayed me.
Breezie: Sonic, are you alright?

[Static is shown on the TV again as Scratch ejects the tape from the VCR.]

Scratch: I say "Bad riddance to a good robot"!

[Grounder inserts another tape in the VCR.]

Grounder: Yeah! And that goes double for Robotnik Jr.!

[On the screen, Junior is shown making a spitwad on Robotnik. Scene changes to Junior spray painting on Robotnik's back. Robotnik then socks Junior.]

Robotink: Junior, I built him to be like a son with my own nasty disposition.

[Scene changes to Junior with Sonic and Tails.]

Robotnik Jr.: I'm on Sonic's side.

[As the tape ends, static is shown again. The tape is ejected the VCR and Robotnik holds it with his right hand.]

Robotink: But still, he turned on me. I want them!
Grounder: But why?

[Robotnik breaks the tape in half.]

Robotink: I'm gonna take off their heads and see where they went wrong!

[As Robotnik smiles, his eyes are heart-shaped.]

Robotnik: When I build my robot wife, I'm gonna make sure she won't betray me. Now go or I'll take your heads off!

[Scratch and Grounder run off in fear to carry out their task. Scene changes to a van equipped with a satellite to find Breezie and Robotnik, Jr.]

Scratch: The Renegade Robot Detector's locked onto Junior! Let's get him!

[The screen transitions to a view of Junior at the playground. The camera zooms in on him as he sprays red graffiti from a can he is holding in his left hand on the seesaw. Tiny, an overweight Hippo, walks up to him, holding an ice cream cone in his left hand.]

Tiny: Hey, Junior! I thought you quit messing things up with graffiti!

(Junior turns to face Tiny.)

Junior: This isn't graffiti, Tiny. I've gone good! I'm just giving the playground a fresh paint job, and it's dry, so hop on!

[Junior hops onto one end of the seesaw as Tiny runs towards the other end. Scratch and Grounder park their van behind the bushes.]

Scratch: Now's our chance to nab Junior! Activate the sandbag slinger! Bwahaha!

[The moon roof of the van opens, and a slingshot with a sandbag in it rises from it. It fires the sandbag onto the other end of the seesaw, which launches Junior into the air. Junior bounces off the van and lands inside it. The moon roof closes.]

Grounder: Got him! Ha ha ha ha ha!

[Scratch and Grounder drive their van away.]

Junior: Hey, what's going on? Hey, let me go!

[Tiny clicks his tongue in disapproval.]

Tiny: I keep telling Junior he's too skinny. That wouldn't happen if he ate right.

[Tiny burps, then rubs his stomach with his right hand.]

Tiny: Like me.

[Tiny licks his ice cream. The screen transitions to a view inside Scratch and Grounder's van as the former drives, and the latter pushes buttons on the computer with his right drill. On the computer's screen, a view of the set of a talk show is shown.]

Scratch: One down, one to go! Baha-haha!
Grounder: Uh, I can't lock onto Breezie! All I'm getting is this dumb talk show!

[The camera cuts to a view of the computer screen.]

Announcer: Today's topic, lost love! Now, please welcome our host, Breezie!

[Breezie walks in, holding a microphone in her right hand. She takes a bow as the audience applauds. Grounder gasps.]

Grounder: It's her!
Scratch: D'oh, I can see that, dim-bot!

[The screen transitions to a view outside Scratch and Grounder's van.]

Scratch: Let's go!

[Scratch and Grounder drive their van away. The screen then transitions to a view on the set of the talk show, where Breezie walks up to an elderly wolf, and the two rats from Musta Been a Beautiful Baby.]

Breezie: Lost love, how far can you go to find it? Let's find out!

[Backstage, Grounder peeks behind the set as Scratch is now holding a grappling gun in both his hands. He aims it at Breezie.]

Scratch: I don't know about lost love, but lost hate is about ten feet away!

[Scratch fires the grappling gun, and it wraps the rope around Breezie's body. It then pulls her away, and she drops her microphone.]

Breezie: Hey!

[The screen transitions to a view outside the window of a TV store, revealing Tails to have been watching the whole incident on a LOU-TEK brand TV. There are signs all over the window, including one that says, SALE as it points to the TV, and two that say, I'VE LOST MY MIND and SPECIAL 100000 MOBIUMS!, respectively.]

Tails: This is terrible! Breezie's been kidnapped! I gotta tell Sonic!

[Tails tries to fly away, but before he can, Sonic runs in and grabs his left leg with his right foot.]

Tails: Sonic, bad news!
Sonic: I know, keed!

[Sonic turns away from tails and runs in place.]

Tails: Gee, I always heard that news travels fast, but this is awesome!

[Sonic grabs Tails' right wrist with his right hand, and runs away, with Tails in tow. The screen transitions to a view inside Scratch and Grounder's van, where Junior is captured. The door opens, and Breezie, who is wrapped in bandages, looking like a mummy, gets tossed through it, landing next to Junior. She grunts as the door closes. Junior looks down at her.]

Junior: Who are you?
Breezie: I'm Breezie. Who are you?

[Junior points his right thumb at himself.]

Junior: I'm Junior!
Breezie: You here to rescue me, Junior?

[Junior picks up Breezie with both his hands, then grabs the bandages with them.]

Junior: I'm gonna rescue us! First, let's get this stuff off of you!

[Junior pulls on the bandages, but all it does it tie both him and Breezie up.]

Breezie: You're making things worse!

[Junior grunts as he unsuccessfully attempts to remove the bandages. In one attempt, Breezie is on top of him, and in another, he's on top of Breezie.]

Breezie: Oh, I wish Sonic were here! He'd get me out of this mess!

[The screen transitions to a view of a road on a snowy mountain. Sonic and Tails stand atop the snow as they watch Scratch and Grounder's van travel across the road.]

Tails: There they are! Let's go!
Sonic: Cool your heels, keed! The speedmeister's got this under control!

[Sonic runs in place, then towards the van.]

Sonic: Up and over!

[Sonic jumps onto the van and looks up at the satellite dish.]

Sonic: Cool! This tin crate's got its own can opener!

[Sonic jumps onto the satellite dish and runs on it, causing it to slice a hole in the top of the van. He then jumps through the hole, and when he gets to the bottom, he sees Breezie and Junior both wrapped up in Breezie's bandages.]

Sonic: Well, how do you like that? My two favorite robots all nice and cozy!

[Sonic grabs the bandages with both his hands and runs around Breezie and Junior, unwrapping the bandages and setting them free.]

Breezie: Sonic! My hero! I knew you'd save me!

[Breezie runs up to Sonic and hugs him.]

Junior: Hey, big whoop! I could have done it, too!

[Junior points his left thumb at himself. Breezie turns to face him.]

Breezie: Why didn't you, then?
Junior: I was gonna!
Sonic: Come on, let's save the sweet talk for when we're out of here!

[Sonic tosses the bandages through the hole, and they wrap around the satellite. Breezie grabs them with both her hands and climbs up them.]

Junior: I'll help you!
Breezie: I can do it myself, thank you!
Junior: Boy, she's sure one tough robo-gal!

[Junior chuckles as he grabs the bandages with his left hand.]

Junior: I think I like her!

[Junior climbs up the bandages, and Sonic holds up his right thumb. He then grabs the bandages with both his hands and climbs up them after Junior. When Sonic, Junior, and Breezie are atop the van, Sonic pushes the satellite down with both his hands, then holds up his right index finger.]

Sonic: Hop in, keeds! There's only one way down, and it's gonna be a scream!

[Breezie looks over at Junior and shrugs her shoulders. They both walk into the satellite.]

Sonic: Here goes!

[Sonic pushes the satellite with both his hands, then grabs the top with them. The satellite slides off the van and through the snow.]

Sonic: Whoa! All right!
Breezie: Whoo-hoo!
Junior: Whoa! Hey, all right! Yippie!

[The satellite hits a ledge, and Sonic, Breezie, and Junior all fly out of it. Junior lands in the snow, and Breezie lands in his arms.]

Junior: I caught you, Breezie! See, I didn't let you down!

[Breezie walks out of Junior's arms.]

Breezie: How shall I put this? I know; "Big whoop"!

[Breezie pats her hair with her left hand.]

Junior: Wow! You talk just like me!
Breezie: I wasn't talking like you, I was making fun of you!

[Breezie walks away as the camera zooms in on Junior.]

Junior: Oh.

[Breezie walks up to Sonic, who puts his hands on his hips and looks at her disapprovingly.]

Sonic: That wasn't very nice, Breezie.
Breezie: Never mind him, did you miss me, Sonic, sweetie? Huh?

[Breeze touches Sonic's chin with her right index finger. Sonic then puts both his hands on her shoulders.]

Sonic: Sure I did! I even wrote a poem about you! I miss my Breezie, I miss her a lot, but it makes me queasy, cause' she's a robot!
Breezie: Oh, Sonic, you're so sweet!

[Breezie puts both her hands on Sonic's shoulders and kisses him on the lips, while Sonic looks disgusted. The kiss she blows is used as a transition to the next scene, where a view outside Robotnik's fortress is shown as thunder booms and lightning flashes. Inside Robotnik's fortress, Robotnik is standing near a table covered in a white tarp, and the machine behind him produces static electricity. The camera zooms in on him.]

Robotnik: Oh, my dear Omletta. That's what I shall call you, my robotic bride!

[Robotnik walks to the other side of the table and runs the fingers on his right hand through his mustache. He then walks up to the machine and pulls the switch down with his left hand. The machine produces static electricity and powers up. Robotnik smiles evilly as the geiger counter beeps and points at its left side.]

Robotnik: Where are Breezie and Junior? I'm ready to pick their brains!

[Scratch and Grounder run across the balcony in fear. As they run down the stairs, Scratch chuckles nervously.]

Scratch: They got away!
Robotnik: Got away, you automated idiots?! I need their heads before I can activate my bride!

[Robotnik grabs the tarp with his left hand and pulls it away, revealing Omletta underneath. Scratch walks up to her.]

Scratch: She's beautiful, Doctor!

[Grounder rolls up to Omletta.]

Grounder: Yeah, she's got really big...
Scratch: Hair!

[Grounder nods his head, "Yes".]

Robotnik: Of course she is! I made her to look like me!

[Robotnik reaches into his left pocket with his left hand and pulls out a poster that says, VISIT ROBOTNIK FALLS, with a picture of a waterfall on it.]

Robotnik: And I've planned a special honeymoon at Robotnik Cliffs!

[Scratch points his right index finger at the poster, and Grounder nods his head, "No".]

Scratch: But that's not Robotnik Cliffs! It's Robotnik Falls!

[Grounder nods his head, "Yes". The camera moves over to Robotnik.]

Robotnik: It is now,

[Robotnik tosses the poster aside.]

Robotnik: But I'm gonna get rid of all that unsightly water! I'm not taking any chance of Omletta getting wet and short-circuiting!

[Robotnik rubs both his hands together.]

Scratch: And if you dam the river, there'll be no more water for crops, and everybody'll go hungry! Baha-haha!

[Grounder nods his head, "Yes".]

Robotnik: Exactly! A famine! Thousands of starving Mobians! The perfect wedding gift to myself!

[Robotnik laughs evilly, and the screen fades to black. In the next scene, a view outside Robotnik's fortress is shown as the camera zooms in on it. Thunder booms and lightning flashes. The camera then cuts to a view inside and moves down to Robotnik admiring Omletta.]

Robotnik: Me and my dear Omletta at Robotnik Cliffs. I can't wait to activate her! And I wouldn't have to wait if you had caught those two robots!

[Scratch and Grounder hug each other and tremble in fear.]

Scratch: We'll get em!

[Scratch salutes with his left hand, and various robot parts fall out of him. Grounder rolls over Scratch's left foot, and Scratch squawks in pain as he hops on his right foot, holding his left foot in both his hands. He then hops towards Robotnik and on his left foot.]

Robotnik: Ow!

[Robotnik holds his left foot in both his hands, and the screen transitions to the next scene, which takes place in the mountains. The camera moves to the right side of the screen, until it reaches the cliff, which a sad Junior walks across. Tails flies up to him.]

Tails: Hey, Junior! Why you lookin' so sad?
Junior: I just met the coolest robot girl.
Tails: You mean Breezie?
Junior: Yeah. But she likes Sonic, not me! Look!

[Junior points his right index finger at his right side. Sonic and Breezie are seen sitting on a picnic blanket. Breezie stares at Sonic with a lovesick smile on her face and twirls his top quill around her left pointer finger while Sonic looks uncomfortable.]

Breezie: I don't know what I would have done without you. You're so brave!
[Sonic smiles and shrugs.]
Sonic: Ah, it was just your average hedgehog heroics.
Tails: Don't worry about it, Junior. Sonic only thinks of Breezie as a friend!

[Junior points his right index finger at Sonic and Breezie.]

Junior: But that's not the way she thinks of him! She'll never like me as much as Sonic!

[Tails points his right thumb at Sonic and Breezie.]

Tails: That's cause' he's a hero!

[Tails then points his right index finger at Junior.]

Tails: So you gotta be one, too!
Junior: How?
Tails: See that big hole?

[Tails points his right index finger at the hole next to Junior, which the camera moves to.]

Tails: I'll pretend to fall, and you can pretend to save me!
Junior: Then she'll think I'm a hero, too!

[Tails flies over the hole.]

Tails: Right!

[Junior walks up to the hole and looks down at it.]

Junior: But what if I blow it and you really fall?
Tails: How can I really fall when I can really fly?
[Junior stares at Tails, then smiles and snaps the fingers on his right hand.]
Junior: Let's try it!

[The scene cuts back to Sonic and Breezie.]

Sonic: But it could never work out between us, Breezie!
[Breezie looks sad.]
Breezie: Why not?
Sonic: I'm a hedgehog on the go, and well... after all, you are a robot.
Tails: Help! Help!

[Sonic gasps when he sees Tails slide down the mountain and towards the hole. Sonic then stands up.]

Sonic: Like I said, I'm always on the go!

[Sonic runs away. He then reaches the hole and spins into the ground near it. Tails slides into the hole.]

Tails: Help!

[Junior walks up to the hole.]

Junior: I'll save you, Tails!

[Junior extends his legs as he reaches into the hole. In the hole, Tails flies to keep himself from reaching the bottom.]

Tails (in an unconvincing tone): Help! Oh, help!

[Sonic digs a tunnel just near Tails.]

Sonic: You all right, keed?

[Sonic grabs Tails' right tail with his left hand.]

Tails: Sonic, you weren't supposed to save me!

[Sonic runs away, with Tails in tow, just as Junior reaches where he was.]

Junior: I got you!

[Junior looks around and sees Tails isn't where he was anymore.]

Junior: Tails?

[Junior's feet lose their grip on the edge of the hole, and Junior falls in.]

Junior: Heeeelp!!

[Tails looks down.]

Tails: Junior was supposed to save me!
Sonic: Scuse' me, Tails. I feel the need. The need for speed!

[Sonic spins into the ground, and Junior screams as he falls down the hole. He puts both his hands over his eyes, and Sonic reaches the bottom of the hole.]

Sonic: I got you!

[Sonic catches Junior in his arms and sets him down. Junior uncovers his eyes, and Breezie walks up next to Tails.]

Breezie: What a hero!
Tails: Junior?
Breezie: Of course not, silly! Sonic!

[Breezie puts both her hands on her chest as a heart emits from it. The heart is used as a transition to the next scene, where Sonic walks out of the hole, carrying Breezie in his arms. He sets her down.]

Breezie: Thanks for carrying me, Sonic! I might have slipped!
Sonic: No problem, Breezie! I'd do it for any old pal!
Breezie: You're so brave!

[Breezie grabs Sonic's right hand with her left hand and Sonic turns away with his eyes closed and an embarrassed smile.]

Breezie: So thoughtful!

[Sonic and Breezie walk away together holding hands.]

Breezie: So wonderful!

[Junior climbs out of the hole.]

Junior: Now Breezie's never gonna think I'm a hero!

[Tails flies out of the hole and up to Sonic and Breezie. Junior then sits sadly on a log.]

Junior: And she's never gonna like me!

[Sonic walks up to Junior, and Tails lands behind the log.]

Sonic: Hey, Junior, you remind me of what the jockey said to the horse!
Junior: What did the jockey say to the horse?
Sonic: He said, "Why the long face?

[Sonic puts his left hand on Junior's right shoulder, and he and Tails laugh.]

Junior: You can laugh. Breezie likes you!

[Breezie points his right index finger at Sonic. Sonic then jumps to the other side of the log, and Tails walks to the other side.]

Sonic: She'll like you, too! She just needs to get to know you!

[Sonic points his left index finger at Junior.]

Sonic: Go talk to her. We'll freedom fight somewhere else for a while!

[Sonic and Tails run away. Sonic then runs back, holding a bouquet of Mobisia Marvelosa Merigoldias in his right hand.]

Sonic: And give her these! They're her favorite!

[Junior takes the bouquet from Sonic with his left hand. Sonic then runs away again. Junior walks off the log, then the camera cuts to a view through a pair of binoculars as Junior walks up to Breezie, who is standing next to a leafless tree with icicles hanging from it.]

Scratch: There they are! We'll get em' this time!
Grounder: I hope so! Oh, I hope so!

[Scratch is revealed to be holding a pair of binoculars in both his hands as the camera zooms out on him.]

Scratch: We have a sure-fire weapon this time!

[Grounder nods his head, "Yes" in approval.]

Scratch: The Heavy Industrial Slope Steamer and Snow Melter!

[The Slope Steamer, which resembles a furnace, is shown. The camera zooms out on it.]

Scratch: We'll melt the snow out from under it, and they'll come sliding right to us!

[Scratch and Grounder walk up to the Slope Steamer.]

Grounder: Cool!

[Grounder sticks his nose into the Slope Steamer, which lights it on fire. Grounder gasps, and Scratch closes the door with his left hand and puts the fire on Grounder's nose out with his right.]

Scratch and Grounder: Not!

[Grounder ducks under the Slope Steamer, and Scratch pulls on the levers with both his hands. The Slope Steamer fires a giant flame. The flame melts the snow and creates a flood. Meanwhile, Junior hands Breezie the bouquet of Mobisia Marvelosa Merigoldias.]

Junior: Here, I brought you flowers!

[Breezie takes the bouquet from Junior with both her hands.]

Breezie: Mobisia Marvelosa Merigoldias! How sweet of Sonic to remember!

[Breezie sniffs the bouquet.]

Junior: They're not from Sonic! They're from me!

[Junior points his right thumb at himself.]

Breezie: Get real! Sonic's the only one brave enough to bring these back from the dangerous jungle where they grow!

[Breezie and Junior look down and see the flow of water below them.]

Junior: Hey!

[The flow of water carries Breezie and Junior away.]

Breezie: Hey!
Breezie and Junior: Whoa!

[Grounder is revealed to be standing on both his extended hands, and Scratch is revealed to be sitting atop him, holding a net in both his hands. He dips it into the water.]

Scratch: Here they come!

[Breezie and Junior scream as the water carries them into the net.]

Scratch: Got em!

[Scratch carries the next, which now has Breezie and Junior in it, out of the water. The screen transitions to the next scene, where Sonic and Tails walk across the dried-up mountain.]

Tails: Where's Breezie and Junior? And where'd all the snow go?
Sonic: I'd hoped they warm up to each other, but this is ridiculous!

[Tails nods his head, "Yes". The screen transitions to the next scene, where Breezie and Junior are at Robotnik's fortress, tied up in a rope together, with their mouths muffled.]

Robotnik: Ah, there's nothing I like to see better than my robots getting along together! Except for them to get along with me!

[Scratch walks up to Robotnik.]

Scratch: Are you gonna take their heads off now, your nastiness?

[Grounder rolls up to Robotnik.]

Grounder: Can we watch?

[Robotnik laughs evilly.]

Robotnik: Certainly!

[The screen fades to black, then to the next scene, where Sonic and Tails are still looking for Breezie and Junior at the dried-up mountain as the camera zooms in on them.]

Sonic: Breezie! Junior!
Tails: Junior? I'm worried, Sonic. You think Robotnik's got em' again?
Sonic: Could be, keed! Let's speed!

[Sonic grabs Tails' left hand with his right hand, and runs away, with Tails in tow. The screen transitions to a close-up of Robotnik's right eye as he looks through an eyeglass he is holding in his right hand and he looks at Junior's Nasty Neural Netlink, which he is holding in his left hand.]

Robotnik: Ah, here's the problem! Junior's Nasty Neural Netlink is on the fritz!

[Robotnik tosses Junior's Nasty Neural Netlink aside. Breezie and Junior's disembodied heads are on the table near him, with Junior's head compartment open.]

Robotnik: No wonder he went nice!
Junior: Hey, Robotnik, stop playing mind games with us!
Breezie: Yeah, we're not in the mood for brain teasers!

[Robotnik grabs Breezie's disembodied head in his right hand and Junior's in his left. He then turns to face Scratch and Grounder.]

Robotnik: Junk these ungrateful gizmos!

[Robotnik tosses Breezie and Junior's heads towards Scratch and Grounder. Scratch catches Breezie's in both his hands, and Grounder tries to catch Junior's in both his drills, but misses and it hits the floor in front of him.]

Robotnik: I don't need them anymore! Now I know why they turned against me, and how to keep my new bride staying loyal!

[Robotnik walks away as Grounder rolls up to Scratch, who drops Breezie's head out the window. Breezie gasps as her head falls, and it lands in the junk pile below. Grounder then picks up Junior's head with both his drills and drops it out the window.]

Junior: Hey!

[Junior grunts as his head lands in the junk pile. Scratch and Grounder then toss Breezie and Junior's bodies into the junk pile. The camera zooms in on the brick wall as Tails peers over it.]

Tails: Sonic, how we ever gonna find em'?

[Sonic peers over the brick wall, and he and Tails look up.]

Sonic: We've just gotta keep our heads about us, kid!
Junior: That's easy for you to say!
Sonic and Tails: Huh?

[Sonic and Tails look down, and see Breezie and Junior's pieces in the junk pile.]

Breezie: Sonic! I knew you'd come and save us!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, where Sonic is holding Breezie's head in both his hands and puts it back on her body.]

Breezie: Thanks, Sonic!

[Tails picks up Junior's head with both his hands and puts it back on Junior's body.]

Sonic: All part of being a hero!

[Sonic, Tails, Breezie, and Junior all look up and gasp when they see Robotnik flying away in his Egg-O-Matic hovercraft.]

Breezie: Oh, no! There goes Robotnik!

[Breezie points her right index finger at Robotnik.]

Breezie: He's going to dam up the great waterfall and cause a terrible drought!
Junior: Scratch and Grounder were braggin' about it after they captured us!

[Breezie grabs Sonic's left arm with both her hands.]

Breezie: You've got to stop him!
Sonic: Don't I always?

[Sonic runs over the brick wall.]

Tails: He's awesome!
Breezie: The most awesome hero ever!
Junior: I can still be a hero! If I stop Robotnik before Sonic does, she's gotta like me! Yeah, it's time to speed, keeds!

[Junior grunts as he tries to climb the brick wall, but to no avail, as he slides down it.]

Breezie: What's Junior tryin' to do? Impress me?

[Tails turns to face Breezie and points his left index finger at her.]

Tails: Uh-huh! He really likes you!

[Junior then manages to climb over the brick wall.]

Breezie: Really? Junior likes me? Gee, I guess I've been paying so much attention to Sonic, I didn't even notice!

[Tails flies into the air and grabs Breezie's wrists in each of his hands.]

Breezie: He is kinda cute!

[Tails flies away, carrying Breezie. The screen transitions to a view of Robotnik falls, which the camera zooms in on.]

Robotnik: Will you shut that water off already?!

[Robotnik is seen lying on a couch, holding a glass of eggnog in his left hand and Scratch and Grounder hold their right hands up to their heads.]

Scratch: Yes, Sir!
Grounder: Right away, Dr. Robotnik!

[Scratch and Grounder run away.]

Robotnik: Omletta, I need more ice in my eggnog!

[Omletta walks up to Robotnik, holding a pair of tongs in her left hand and a bucket of ice in her right.]

Omletta: Here you are, Robotniky!

[Omletta picks up some ice cubes with her tongs and drops them into Robotnik's eggnog.]

Omletta: Is that better?

[Robotnik drinks his eggnog.]

Robotnik: Ah, much better! Omletta, my pillow needs fluffing!

[Omletta picks up Robotnik's pillow with both her hands and fluffs it.]

Robotnik: Ah!

[Omletta puts the pillow back behind Robotnik's head.]

Omletta: Is Robotniky nice and comfy?
Robotnik: This is the best honeymoon a husband ever had!
Omletta: And imagine, Robotniky, how much nicer it'll be without all that awful water!

[Omletta walks up to Robotnik's feet and turns her right hand into a shoe buffer. She picks up Robotnik's right foot with her left hand and polishes it with her shoe buffer.]

Robotnik: Ah, a match made in Heaven is nothing compared to a match made in a lab!

[Omletta then picks up Robotnik's left foot with her left hand and polishes it with her shoe buffer. The screen then transitions to a view of Robotnik Falls.]

Robotnik: Scratch, Grounder, you junk heaps! Shut off that water!

[Grounder is revealed to be under the water, with a snorkel taking his nose's place. He pokes his head out.]

Grounder: Okay, the explosive charges are set!
Scratch: Gr-hr-hr-hreat! Now we can blast open the underground caverns and flood em'! Bwahaha!

[Grounder swims up to Scratch.]

Grounder: Right!

[Grounder then climbs onto the ledge Scratch is on as he grabs the handles of the dynamite plunger with both his hands.]

Grounder: And there'll be no water left to go over the falls!

[Grounder laughs, and Scratch grunts as he pushes the handles. the dynamite explodes, causing water to fly into the air. The water splashes Scratch and Grounder, who look at each other.]

Scratch and Grounder: Huh?

[The water splashes Robotnik.]

Robotnik: Ow! Those miserable robo-rejects!

[Omletta, who has turned her left hand into a hairdryer, walks up to Robotnik.]

Omletta: Poor Robotniky! Are you all wet?

[Robotnik growls as Omletta blows her hairdryer in his face. The water pours into the crater Scratch and Grounder made with their dynamite. The screen then transitions to a view of Robotnik falls, where the water that once flowed through the waterfalls suddenly dies down to a trickle. The screen then transitions to a view of a cornfield, which Sonic stops near.]

Sonic: I gotta get a move on! Things are gonna dry up quick!

[The corn suddenly dries up.]

Sonic: Now that was quick!

[Sonic runs away as the screen transitions to a view of the crater, which the water continues pouring into.]

Scratch: We did it! Ha ha ha! We did it!
Grounder: Yeah, even Sonic couldn't stop us this time!

[Sonic is revealed to be standing atop a boulder, which the camera zooms in on.]

Sonic: Who do they think they're kiddin'? Let's see if I can nail two bird brains with one stone!

[Sonic runs in place on the boulder, then jumps off just in time as it falls. The boulder's shadow looms over Scratch and Grounder.]

Scratch and Grounder: Huh?

[Scratch and Grounder look up and scream as the boulder flattens them. The boulder then flies into the air and lands in the crater, plugging it up and causing water to flow over it. As Omletta, who is holding a tray with a glass of water in both her hands, walks up to Robotnik, the water splashes them both, and they both scream. Junior walks up to a dry spot of the river.]

Junior: This is terrible! The river's completely dry!
Tails: Junior!

[Junior turns to face Breezie and Tails, who walk out of the bush.]

Breezie: Junior, what are you doing?
Junior: I guess Sonic didn't fix the waterfall,

[Junior points his left index finger at the dry part of the river and jumps in.]

Junior: So I'm gonna!
Breezie: That's one of the bravest things I've ever heard!

[Junior looks over at the flow of water approaching him.]

Junior: Hey! He did fix the waterfall!

[The flow of water carries Junior away, and Junior screams.]

Breezie: Junior!
Junior: Save me!
Breezie: Where's Sonic? Guess it's up to me!

[Breezie opens her chest compartment with her right hand, and a light flashes and beeps from inside.]

Breezie: Great! All my emergency equipment is still functioning!

[Breezie closes her chest compartment and dives into the water. Sonic runs up to Tails and gasps.]

Tails: Oh, no!
Sonic: What happened?

[Tails points his left index finger at Breezie and Junior.]

Tails: Look!
Junior: Help!
Tails: Junior and Breezie are going over the falls!

[As the river continues carrying Junior away, Breezie swims up to him to try to catch up. Junior screams as he falls down the waterfall, but Breezie dives in after him. They both splash into the water below, but Breezie, carrying Junior in her arms, flies out with a propeller that emerged from her head. She flies them back to Sonic and Tails, and sets Junior down.]

Junior: You saved me! You must like me!

[Breezie's propeller lowers back into her head.]

Breezie: Hey, we robots gotta stick together, don't we?

[Breezie hugs Junior. She then walks up to Sonic.]

Breezie: I'm sorry it can't work out between us, Sonic, but Junior needs me too much!

[Junior walks up to Breezie. She then puts her right hand on his right shoulder as he puts his left hand on her left shoulder.]

Breezie: And I really like that!

[Sonic then puts his left hand on Tails' left shoulder.]

Sonic: I know just what you mean!
Robotnik: Oh, no!

[The camera zooms in on a rock formation. It then cuts to a view of Omletta short-circuiting as Robotnik shakes the water off his body.]

Robotnik: Water! My perfect wife will short-circuit!

[Omletta stops short-circuiting.]

Omletta: Hey, fatso! What do you think I am, your servant?

[Omletta turns her right hand into a shoe buffer and stuffs it in Robotnik's mouth. Robotnik growls as she polishes his teeth with it.]

Omletta: You're a rotten husband!

[Omletta pulls her shoe buffer out of Robotnik's mouth, and the camera zooms in on it, revealing Robotnik's teeth to be polished. Omletta then grabs Robotnik's mustache with both her hands and pulls him away. Robotnik screams as Omletta sets him down and breifly turns her right hand into a hair dryer. She is now holding the ice bucket in her right hand and the tongs in her left as she tosses ice cubes into Robotnik's mouth with the tongs. Robotnik shivers, then grunts as he lands back on the couch. He then scream as Omletta, who has turned her right hand into a hairdryer, puts it in his mouth and inflates him with it. Robotnik's suit explodes, leaving Omletta scorched. Robotnik, who is now wearing only white boxer shorts with red polka dots on them, lands near his singed suit. Omletta walks up to him.]

Omletta: And I'm gonna tell everybody you wear polka-dotted underwear!

[Omletta grabs Robotnik's mustache with her left hand and pulls him towards her.]

Robotnik: I hate that hedgehog!

[Omletta pulls Robotnik away, and the screen fades to black, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[Sonic, Tails, Junior, and Tiny are all at the playground. Junior is sitting on the seesaw, and Tiny climbs the ladder to the slide, which Tails is standing in front of. Tiny slides down the slide.]

Tiny: Yippie!

[Tails screams as Sonic pushes him out of the way just in time, as Tiny flies off the end of the slide and lands on the other end of the seesaw, launching Junior into the air. Junior screams as he flies through the air, and grunts as he lands in Sonic's arms.]

Tiny: Aw, sorry, guys.
Sonic (to the viewers): You could get hurt taking dumb chances at the playground! Look before you leap, and watch out for little kids! Play safe, and you'll have fun!