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Sonic the Matchmaker

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"Sonic the Matchmaker" is the thirty-eighth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the thirty-eighth episode, it aired as the twenty-eighth episode during the show's original run.




Sonic's Disguises

  • A Delivery boy


Scratch and Grounder are hiding behind a sand dune in a desert, having set a trap for Sonic, a stick of dynamite in a hot dog bun with chili on it. They wait for Sonic to show up and take the bait, but Grounder says that they have to get back to Dr. Robotnik to deliver his dinner because he will be furious if they are late. Scratch retorts that he will be even more furious if they do not capture Sonic. Sonic then shows up, but immediately sees that the chili dog is fake, so he takes it and leaves, with Scratch and Grounder worriedly running after him before he can get to Dr. Robotnik. At Dr. Robotnik's fortress, Dr. Robotnik is impatiently waiting for his dinner. Sonic then shows up disguised as a delivery boy holding a takeout box, saying that Scratch and Grounder were running behind, so they sent for takeout. Sonic then leaves, and Dr. Robotnik opens the box, only to have the dynamite chili dog explode in his face. Scratch and Grounder then arrive warning Dr. Robotnik not to eat the chili dog, only to fearfully see that they are too late. Dr. Robotnik is furious, so he orders Scratch and Grounder to make him happy. They then ask him how, and he tells them that they should take care of him, cook, clean, and fluff his pillows. Scratch says that it sounds like Dr. Robotnik wants a maid. Dr. Robotnik then adds that most of all, he wants someone who will love, honor, and most importantly, obey him: a wife. Scratch and Grounder are shocked, but Dr. Robotnik claims any woman on Mobius would be proud to be his wife; although after Scratch and Grounder look at him in disbelief, he says that he will build one instead. He plans to build himself a perfect robot wife, but first must figure out why his last two robots, Robotnik Jr. and Breezie both betrayed him. He sends Scratch and Grounder to kidnap Robotnik Jr. and Breezie so he can take off their heads and figure out what went wrong with their programming. Scratch and Grounder succeed in capturing the two robots (Jr. was painting a local playground seesaw for the community to lay the foundation, and Breezie was about to interview an elder coyote and two mice about lost love). Breezie is tied up and Robot Jr. tries to free her, but ends up tying himself to her in the process. Sonic shows up and frees them and the three of them escape together.

Sonic and Breezie catch up a little while Robotnik Jr. talks with Tails. Robotnik Jr. tells Tails that he likes Breezie, but she likes Sonic. Tails assures Robotnik Jr. that Sonic only likes Breezie as a friend. Tails pretends to fall in a hole, so Robotnik Jr. could save him and look like a hero in front of Breezie so she will like him the way she likes Sonic. When Tails falls in the hole, Sonic quickly comes to the rescue. Jr. dives to save Tails, but since Sonic already saved him, he misses and falls in the hole himself. Sonic races to the bottom of the whole and catches Jr. Sonic decides to let Jr. have some alone time with Breezie so he can try to win her over. While Sonic is gone, Scratch and Grounder return and they capture the two good robots again.

Back at Robotnik's lab, Dr. Robotnik removes the heads from Jr. and Breezie and figures out why they went good. Breezie and Robotnik Jr. are dumped out the window in pieces. They land in a junk pile where they are found by Sonic and Tails. Robotnik then activates his new robot wife, Omletta and they go on their honeymoon to Robotnik falls which will soon be Robotnik Hills. Dr. Robotnik plans to dam up the water fall and cause a drought making people suffer. Suffering people is his wedding present to himself.

As Sonic and Tails put Breezie and Jr. back together, they tell them about Robotnik's plan to cause a drought. Sonic rushes off to save the day. Jr. soon rushes off to save the day as well. Breezie asks Tails if Jr. is trying to impress her. Tails tells her that he is and that he really likes her. Breezie admits that she thinks Jr. is cute.

At Robotnik falls, Omletta is serving Robotnik left and right, while Scratch and Grounder blow a hole in the river which stops the waterfall. Sonic shows up and fixes the hole with a big boulder which he first drops on Scratch and Grounder. Robotnik Jr. shows up to fix the waterfall, but ends up falling in the river. Tails and Breezie show up and Breezie jumps in the water to save Jr. the two robots go over the fall together, but Breezie flies back up with a propeller she has built into her head. She carries Robotnik Jr. to safety. Breezie then declares that Robotnik Jr. needs her and she likes that, so it can't work out between her and Sonic. Sonic says he knows what she means as he puts his arm around Tails.

The story ends with Omletta and Dr. Robotnik. Omletta has gotten wet from the waterfall causing her to short circuit and start attacking Dr. Robotnik. She threatens to tell everyone that he wears polka dotted underwear. Robotnik says "I hate that Hedgehog!" as Omletta drags him by the mustache.

Sonic Says

Sonic tells us to be careful while playing on the playground.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French La Femme de Robotnik Robotnik's Wife
German Eine unglückliche Erfindung An unfortunate invention
Italian Sonic il fiammiferaio Sonic the Matchmaker
Portuguese (Portugal) Sonic, O Casamenteiro Sonic the Matchmaker
Spanish (Spain) El casamentero The matchmaker
Spanish (Latin America) Sonic el casamentero Sonic the Matchmaker


  • Overseas animation for this episode was done by Rainbow Animation Group.


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