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Sonic the Hedgehog in the Fourth Dimension is a book written by James Wallis under the pseudonym "Martin Adams" and was published in the UK in 1993. Its story is based on the Kintobor origin story laid out in Stay Sonic (which in turn is based on Sega of America's Sonic Bible).


As part of his latest plan to rule Mobius, the dastardly Dr Robotnik is sending his robots back through time to change history.
Sonic the Hedgehog — guardian of Mobius, hero to all and all round cool dude — intends to stop him. Hopping onto one of Robotnik's time machines, he zooms into the past. And that's when his troubles really begin.



Races and species:


The Sonic Story So Far

A brief backstory of Mobius based on the early Sonic canon. It mentions Doctor Kintobor's use of the Retro-Orbital Chaos Compressor to attract all evil on Mobius and contain it within the Chaos Emeralds; Kintobor's creation of Sonic's red trainers; Sonic breaking the sound barrier and turning blue; Sonic's search for the Grey Emerald that would neutralise the evil in the Chaos Emeralds; Kintobor's entering faulty data into the ROCC, causing it to explode and turn Kintobor into Doctor Robotnik.


Doctor Robotnik returns to Doctor Kintobor's ruined lab in the tunnels beneath the Green Hill Zone and finds a strange device made of shining metal, about thirty centimetres long. Coils and curves twist around each other, and it hurts to look at for too long. He waves it like a conductor waves a baton. Robotnik gives the device to five of his robots (large beetles standing upright on two hind legs), and they flicker (like a badly tuned television) and disappear.

1: Baffled, Bothered and Befuddled

Sonic and Tails play a game of TreeMan II: Moss Perot's Revenge on the Game Gear, and Sonic is disappointed that it is so easy to win. He also can't take seriously a wooden hero whose catchphrase is "I'll be bark!" Tails is upset because he isn't as cool as Sonic, even at video games, and although Sonic realises that this is true (because nobody is as cool as him) he tries to cheer Tails up. They decide to go and join their friends Tux, Joe Sushi (a grouchy but amusing walrus), Porker Lewis, Johnny Lightfoot, Flicky, and kind-hearted Sally Acorn, who has probably prepared a picnic.

They have a race, saying that the loser will do the washing up. Despite giving Tails a head start, at the final stretch Sonic is in the lead until he trips over something. Tails himself trips over Sonic's leg and goes rolling down the hill, over the beach, through Sally Acorn's picnic and into the lake. He apologises for ruining the food, but can't help boasting that he beat Sonic in a race... for which Sally Acorn says that he can do the washing up. Tails protests that the loser was supposed to do the washing up, but Sonic is distracted: the thing he tripped over is a strange metal device about thirty centimetres long, which is twisted and rusted with bits of moss and lichen sticking to it. ("there was something very odd about the way the lines of the metal curved and twisted around each other to form strange whorls and knots").

Porker Lewis (the group's "boffin-type science dude") says that it is a single, complete machine and not a part of something larger, and that the dial and button on the side no longer work. Sonic says that he lost the race because he tripped over it, and therefore volunteers to do the washing up... except the picnic has completely vanished. Not only that, but the fine white sand of the beach is now coarse and dirty grey, and the footprints previously left by the group have disappeared too. The water is murkier too, and the air smells as bad as the Oil Ocean Zone. A second later, Sonic realises that Porker has disappeared and been replaced by Carrie the Coypu. Worse still, the Green Hill Zone is now called the Brown Hill Zone, and only Sonic and Tails have any memory of Porker or the way things were before. Carrie claims to have been living in the Brown Hill Zone for years, and to have been engaged to Tails for "yonks". She refuses to let him go with Sonic on another adventure, even holding him in her muscular arms so he can't get away. Sonic notices copyright symbols on rocks ("Copyright © Robotnik Industries") and even on the bottom of Carrie's foot (just "©"), and rushes off to find Robotnik, certain that the evil scientist is behind it.

It is raining heavily (something unusual in the Green Hill Zone but apparently common in the Brown Hill Zone), and Sonic finds it uncomfortable to run. Sonic is attracted to a cave by a strange green light. Inside, the light is brighter and something makes a humming, pulsing noise, like a heartbeat. He follows it to its source and sees a ring of green light around a circle of grey nothingness... not just empty space, but absence of space. It looks flat and grey, but recedes into the distance.

A figure behind him touches his shoulder and introduced itself as Eric the Echidna. He looks almost like Sonic, but with a longer nose (and less cool). Sonic is immediately suspicious and asks to look at Eric's foot, and Eric kicks him with great speed. Sonic just notices the © on the bottom of the foot before Sonic is sent flying back into the nothingness, which sucks Sonic in, and disappears. Eric reports his success to Doctor Robotnik.

2: Yesterday Is Here Again

3: Judgement Of The Science Dudes

4: Arrival On - Where?

5: Meister Blaster

6: Everybody Needs A Mum

7: Some Historical-Type Explaining

8: When Are We Now?

9: As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs

10: Luck Of The Hedgehog

11: Larceny Most Foul

12: Infinity Is Nice, But I Wouldn't Want To Live There

13: Sonics (Again)



  • In chapter 1, Chirps the chicken is not one of the friends that are introduced when Sonic and Tails decide to race to the picnic, but he is included in the headcount after the timestream is changed later in the same chapter, and he is the one that reveals Carrie's name.
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