Sonic the Hedgehog and the Silicon Warriors is a paperback book written by James Wallis under the pseudonym "Martin Adams" and was published in the UK in 1993. Its story is based on the Kintobor origin story laid out in Stay Sonic (which in turn is based on Sega of America's Sonic Bible).


Robotnik imprisons Mobians inside a vast computer system, forcing Sonic and Tails to battle thinly-veiled versions of other computer game characters.




The Sonic Story So Far


1. A Shock to the System

2. Mega-Hurtz

3. Building Big Brother

4. User-Unfriendly

5. Silicon Alley

6. System Crashes

7. Terminate and Stay Resident

8. Virtually Reality

9. Operating Systems

10. Garbage In, Garbage Out



  • Sonic is accidentally cross-eyed on the cover.
  • Chin Lie is a parody of Chun-Li from the Street Fighter video game franchise.
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