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Sonic the Hedgehog Vocal Traxx: Several Wills was released as the official vocal songs soundtrack release for the video game Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) on 10 January 2007. It features four vocal tracks that were featured in the game and three bonus tracks exclusive to this release.

Two vocal songs from the game are noticeably absent, they being "Sweet Dreams ~AKON '06 Mix~" (English) and "Sweet Sweet Sweet ~AKON '06 Mix~" (Japanese) by the JPop group Dreams Come True which were remixed by rap vocalist Akon. "Sweet Sweet Sweet ~AKON '06 Mix~" was released on a CD single in Japan.

Track list

Track Title Music Length
1. HIS WORLD 4:38
3. "All Hail Shadow" (Remix) by Crush 40 4:02
4. MY DESTINY 6:10
5. HIS WORLD (Zebrahead Version) 3:36
7. HIS WORLD (Crush 40 Version) 5:17


His World

Main article: His World

Performed by Ali Tabatabaee & Matty Lewis from Zebrahead.
Composed by Tomoya Ohtani, the game's sound director.
Johnny Gioeli wrote the lyrics for chorus section and Ali Tabatabaee did the rap lyrics.

The main theme of the game and also Sonic the Hedgehog's theme. Several Wills features three versions of the song. The first being the actual version used in the game with vocals provided by Zebrahead members Ali Tabatabaee & Matty Lewis. The version on the CD is also an uncensored version, whereas, in the game itself, the song has the line "Kickin' ass fast..." changed to "Kickin' a-- fast..." Strangely enough, the booklet for the album, which contains a full set of lyrics in both English and Japanese, has it written as "kickin' it fast".

Ali & Matty decided that they wanted to produce a version the song with the entire Zebrahead band participating, result being the second version of "His World" (track 5).

The third version is performed by Sonic games staple band, Crush 40, led by Hardline vocalist Johnny Gioeli and SEGA music producer Jun Senoue. The Crush 40 version was written completely by Johnny Gioeli.

Each version of the song has its own distinctive sound and feel and are very different from each other.

Dreams Of An Absolution

Performed by Lee Brotherton from Remix Factory.
Composed by Mariko Namba of Sega sound team, arranged by Tomoya Ohtani.

The theme for Silver the Hedgehog. Performed and mixed by long-time Sonic music remixer Lee Brotherton of the popular remix group, Remix Factory. Remix Factory has also worked on previous Sonic games, such as Shadow The Hedgehog and Sonic Rivals. Jun Senoue also worked on a rock remix of this song with Brotherton, entitled "Dreams of an Absolution JS vs. LB Remix".

All Hail Shadow

Performed by Crush 40.
Produced by Tomoya Ohtani.

The theme for Shadow the Hedgehog. This version is a cover of a song from a previous game in the series, Shadow The Hedgehog. The song was originally performed by Magna-Fi.

My Destiny

Performed by Donna De Lory.
Composed by Mariko Namba and arranged by Mr.Eguchi.

The theme for the game's female protagonist, Princess Elise. This song was played during the final end credits of the game. At over six minutes long, it is easily the longest official Sonic The Hedgehog related vocal song ever.

A karaoke (instrumental) version of the song appears as a hidden track on Disc 3 of the Sonic The Hedgehog Original Soundtrack.

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