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This article pertains to the beta elements of Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble.

Early build

Nack's removed gun

Some magazine screenshots from an early version of the game show Sonic the Hedgehog and the newly introduced Nack the Weasel in Great Turquoise Zone. Generally speaking, Nack does not usually appear outside the Special Stages.


Great Turquoise Zone


Meta Junglira Zone

Special Stage

Unused sprites

Knuckles' tired


Knuckles's gliding animation has unused sprites, supposedly to depict him getting tired in the game's opening.

Alternative Nack idle sprites


An alternative idle sprites for Nack the Weasel not found in the final game.

Nack holding a Chaos Emerald


Two more unused sprites depicting Nack holding a red Chaos Emerald.

Unused Bonus Panel sprite

What you think you doing there Fang.png

Nack was supposed to appear on Bonus Panel at the end of each Act. The reward granted by this post plate is unknown.

Unused enemy


An unused Badnik enemy that was supposed to appear in Atomic Destroyer Zone.

Unused tiles




Though this sprite was used the Japanese release, it goes unused in the American release.


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