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Volume 2

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Sonic the Hedgehog Story Comic Volume 2 was the second volume of Sonic the Hedgehog Story Comic, a manga published in Japan between June and July 1991 in the Japanese magazine Mega Drive Fan. It was created to promote the released of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Mega Drive.

Volume 2 contains a single story, "Clash!! South Island", which introduces the concept of Badniks, Egg Capsules and the imprisonment of the animal friends inside robots. It features several Zones from the game, including the Marble Zone.

Featured Stories

"Clash!! South Island"


Dr. Eggman succeeds in capturing the Animals of South Island with his Egg Capsule, as the first stage in his plan to take revenge on Sonic the Hedgehog.

In the Marble Zone, Sonic's rabbit friend Pocky flees from a Caterkiller. Sonic leaps to the rescue, destroying the Caterkiller with a Spin Attack. Sonic is pleased to see Pocky, as he came to the Marble Zone some days earlier but had not seen anyone. Before Pocky can explain, they are distracted when their pig friend Picky emerges from the wreckage of the Caterkiller. Picky says that Doctor Eggman has been capturing everyone on the island (Pocky had been captured as well, but apparently escaped). Worse than that, he has been putting them inside robots—not just Picky, but he saw Ricky and Cucky trapped inside as well. Sonic announces that he is going to beat up Eggman and rescue everyone, and even starts marching away until the others point out that he doesn't know where Eggman is. Picky says that he thinks Eggman went to the East after Picky was captured, so Sonic heads that way.

As Sonic walks through the Marble Zone, magma bursts up from the ground in front of him—he realizes it must be Eggman's doing. He dodges the fireballs, but then falls over a cliff and lands on his face in an underground room made of stone. Suddenly, spikes come out from the wall beside him—yet another trap created by Eggman. Sonic avoids the spikes and heads along a narrow corridor. Just as he is wondering what trap he'll find next, a huge tsunami of magma heads towards him and he is forced to flee.

Sonic arrives in the Sparkling Zone, and still has not found where Eggman is keeping his friends. He realizes he has to search the huge Zone, but accidentally slips on a slide and is thrown into the pinball arena, where he is bounced back and forth between the many bumpers. When he finally lands, he is attacked by Crabmeat and Newtron, which he destroys, freeing Ricky and Cucky, who were trapped inside. They are both worse for wear (Cucky even complains that Sonic is too rough!), but they are free.

Ricky and Cucky lead Sonic to the Star Land Zone, which is where they were put into robots. They say that the other animals are imprisoned in a Capsule on a very high ledge. Sonic uses a see-saw and spiked weight to bounce himself up to the ledge, but is intercepted by Orbinaut. Sonic knocks Orbinaut aside with a Spin Attack and lands on the ledge, but before he can free his friends Doctor Eggman himself appears in his Egg Mobile. This time, the Egg Mobile is equipped with a massive spike on its underside. Eggman charges at Sonic, but the hedgehog ducks aside just in time and the spike is stuck firmly into the ground. This gives Sonic the chance to attack Eggman with a Spin Attack, sending him and his Egg Mobile flying away. Sonic jumps on the button on top of the Capsule, bursting it open and freeing all of his animal friends. They cheer and thanks Sonic, who happily tells them not to mention it.

Elsewhere, Eggman plots revenge. He says that many more dangerous Zones await and, addressing the readers ("Sonic and Mega Drive users") directly, asks if they will be able to clear them. Sonic says that, with the readers' help, he'll soon have all the Zones cleared!



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