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Sonic the Hedgehog Story Comic Volume 1 was the first volume of Sonic the Hedgehog Story Comic, a manga published in Japan between June and July 1991 in the Japanese magazine Mega Drive Fan. It was created to promote the release of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Mega Drive.

Volume 1 contains a single story, "Doctor Eggman's Challenge!!", which is the very first Sonic comic published in any region worldwide. It depicts the first meeting of Sonic the Hedgehog and his nemesis, Dr. Eggman.

Featured Stories

"Doctor Eggman's Challenge!!"


South Island is a very peaceful island that nobody has ever seen or heard of. It is the home to many small animals. One day, it is attacked by Dr. Eggman and an army of his robots, who force all of the animals away. Eggman intends to turn South Island into his new fortress, from which he will be able to conquer the world and then buy lots of eggs (his favorite food). One of his robots detects a Chaos Emerald from the north-west. Doctor Eggman is very happy, because the Chaos Emerald contains unfathomable energy and nobody has ever been able to find one before. With the Chaos Emerald, he'll be able to boil world's largest egg in the world's largest pot, which has been his life dream since he was a child. Eggman sets off to excavate for the Emerald while his construction workers continue building his fortress.

Not far away, in the Green Hill Zone, a large crowd (including three scantily clad human girls called "Sonic's Bodyguard Platoon") has gathered to watch a pop concert performed by Sonic the Hedgehog and his band. Before Sonic can start the first song, however, they are attacked by Eggman, who declares he is taking over the soil. As the robots dig up the ground, a blonde girl in a skimpy blue hedgehog costume tells Eggman to stop, only for Eggman to sic one of his robots on her. Sonic saves her and the other bystanders, destroying the robot with a Spin Attack. He announces that he is Sonic the Hedgehog, and he will make Eggman pay for wrecking his performance.

Eggman orders his other robots to attack Sonic, who destroys them with his Spin Attack and super speed. Then Eggman himself attacks Sonic with a massive weight, attached to his Egg Mobile by a chain. Sonic dodges the ball and jumps onto Eggman's windscreen, then uses his spines to rip the Egg Mobile apart. Eggman is forced to flee in his damaged Egg Mobile, but he swears he'll get Sonic for this, to which Sonic replies "Anytime!" With Eggman gone, Sonic and the crowd get back to their concert.

The story ends by saying that the "real fight" now begins in Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Mega Drive. Doctor Eggman also plans to practice Sonic on the Mega Drive before he takes his revenge!



  • There are a few subtle differences between how the members of the Sonic the Hedgehog Band appeared in this story and how they appeared in the concept art.
  • Eggman's wrecking ball is dark gray, instead of the brown checked pattern from the game.
  • Eggman's robots in this Volume appear mostly large and humanoid, unlike the smaller animal-shaped Badniks from the game. Actual Badniks appear in Sonic the Hedgehog Story Comic Volume 2.
  • When Eggman is shown playing Sonic 1 on the Mega Drive, the screen shows he is in Spring Yard Zone.


  • Sonic's arms are miscolored blue on the cover.

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